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  1. Half-Life for PlayStation 2. Still nostalgic for that version's intro theme. (Deathmatch and Decay mode too)
  2. I think developers value graphical quality far above a decent frame rate. And if they don't lock triple A PC games at 30 fps then they'll probably be afraid that players would be disappointed with having to reduce graphics settings. or if the game needs the newest tech, like Assassins Creed: Unity. Then players wouldn't want to see the 60fps option and not be able enable it until they have better specs much later down the line.
  3. The Black Mesa soundtrack by Joel Nielsen has some damn fine tracks, My favorites being; m-PCiOY1YlY 30AM8K06FJU jSnHcbbofDk wvmLsfheiEA FtTmiYA5D4k
  4. I think episode 60 had the best opening, Freeman shoots a scientist first thing. "WHAT THE FUCK?!" "WHAT HAPPENED?!" "HOW DID YOU TURN INTO THREE PEOPLE?!"
  5. I think I have a solution for you to get past all possible problems. Use the Dolphin Emulator, - You can play it with higher a resolution, anti-aliasing and other graphics enhancements. - You can enable the emulators "dump frames" feature to output a video file with a consistent frame rate even if you have lag spikes or 6 FPS while playing. - And I've made a custom texture pack that will remove the HUD.
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