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  1. I heard something about dedicated servers, which sounds alright I guess.
  2. I mostly just browse /v/, /g/, /k/ and /wg/. I've heard good stuff about /po/, /vr/, /ck/, /tg/ and /out/, and have been meaning to check them out. I mostly avoid the other boards though.
  3. Not the best Dancing Mad I've heard, but still a solid 8/10. You might like this if you like that one. fKEKMUSxk_4
  4. I'm gonna wait and see with this one.
  5. EP1mczaq3zo Today is an Anamanaguchi day.
  6. Spam tastes awful, have you ever tried it?
  8. Nope, but I know someone who did. Below me is creeped out by my avatar.
  9. Nope, but that's not impossible in the future. Below me is currently eating something. (And it might be steamed hams)
  10. And without strength you cannot protect anything, Let alone this thread.
  11. You don't possibly believe that you deserve to be the main event now, do you?
  12. Probably the kind that will make sure their next of kin carries on their conquest to reign supreme in this thread.
  13. Don't worry, I'm monitoring this thread.
  14. He Will Not Die Upsidedown ICORE
  15. White Jell-O Fighting Luchadore Marines AADVL
  16. I have, once. Pulled them back from crossing the street when the light changed as a bus passed. Below me has bought the same game more than twice.
  17. You didn't think I wasn't gonna play, did you?
  18. The rules are simple. Whoever posts last, wins. You can post as many times as you like This thread may be necro-posted And it musn't be locked to ensure someone's victory. Let the eternal war begin.
  19. 1. Never, under any circumstances, shall a game be purchased for greater than $60 USD. 2. Emulation shall only be performed on games I own a copy of already. Exceptions to this rule are games that are unobtainable otherwise. (Ex. Earthbound, Mother 3.) 3. Have no expectations of an Early Access game. 4. Piracy of games is acceptable, if the game in question is A. Unplayable otherwise or B. published by EA, and in most cases, Ubisoft. 5. A pirated game shall be purchased at full price if found to be worth it's price. 6. If purchasable, a game's OST will be purchased if deemed worth listening to outside the game, and shall not be downloaded, unless the number of decent tracks is less than 3. 7. The right to a refund of a less-than-satisfactory game SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED.
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