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  1. Halo 2 (again)! I hope to heck that Halo 6 has dual wielding. I'm still upset about its removal.
  2. Although it's a mod, S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Chernobyl. I've got addons going for it too that make it pretty cool, I'd say. Living the daily stalker life.
  3. A little late but I'll be keeping this in my client. Thanks for the mention.
  4. Once he gets to the Resistance outpost I suspect he might calm down a bit what with the hunter chopper gun giving his boat genuine firepower. Once he makes it to Black Mesa East, I'd be stunned if he *didn't* calm down, especially after Eli says that Gordon is getting back into a lab coat. I can see how Freeman's attitude lately is not everyone's cup of tea, but I feel like it's totally warranted. That said, I kinda would prefer less yelling. Basically, once Freeman gets into a situation where he can actually calm down for a while after having been introduced to the state of the world, I think we'll see more of the spirit from season 1 return. I'm looking forward most to the episodic games (gonna take a while, lol) considering there's so much more proper character interaction/dialogue in those. Ross can work really damn well off dialogue from NPCs (that argument with the 3 scientists trapped near the prototype cheese slicer comes to mind, as well as the talk with the guard who leads him to the armory). And in regards to this episode itself, I thought it was fine. Nothing mindblowing but still decent overall.
  5. Completely, distressingly real
  6. I don't even remember where I found this, but I am sorry in advance. goomba moment.mp4
  7. La-Li-Lu-Le-Lo! La-Li-Lu-Le-Lo!! La-Li-Lu-Le-Lo!!!
  8. Site back up, time for Existential M4.
  9. Slender Man, afaik, was created on the SomethingAwful forums. MarbleHornets uses an altered version of Slender Man that they call "The Operator". MH's verrsion of Slendy doesn't have the tentacles protruding from his back IIRC, nor does he specifically hunt children.
  10. About a year ago I was able to buy it via the Xbox digital store and play it on my Xbox One. Maybe it has changed since then, but if you want to play the original Prey (which is a really cool game, I have to say), you might need to buy an Xbox.
  11. If I still smoked I'd probably try these out.
  12. Day of Defeat: Source Although it's pretty small, there's still a community to this game. I have to say I'm not a fan that the servers that are populated tend to have the "Medic" command and one I joined recently let you pick your weapons upon spawn. I was trying to slam some MG nests with the bazooka but accidentally pressed a different weapon and I just couldn't figure out how to get back to using the bazooka. Aside from stuff like that, DoD:S is pretty fun. There's some jank to it - especially aiming down sights with the M1 Garand/whatever the German rifle is and going prone feels really clunky. I think the thing that annoys me the most about it from an actual regular gameplay perspective is it's like Counter-Strike in that you have to aim in a way that you let the recoil/weapon spread do everything for you, so you basically aim at someone's feet to hit them in the chest/head. Now that's a bit of an exaggeration but I definitely find aiming below/off to the side is a great way to actually hit people instead of aiming directly at them with any of the automatic weapons which are the ones I use the most. According to my friend, the balance wasn't changed all too much. He played the game for a while and he said Valve left the game with great balance. That's something I can't quite say for a game like Team Fortress 2, sadly.
  13. Sometimes I forget I'm in a forum of fellow Ross cultists.
  14. 8/10. Data is great, but I have to deduct a point because he has no pipe in that avatar.
  15. You can also set up "mouse regions". I haven't played around with that setting, though I've seen it in action - press a button, and your cursor will be stuck on a specific part of the screen. You can map it so that you press a button of your choice and the cursor gets stuck in the mini-map area so you can easily use the mini-map. I'm going to grab Company of Heroes eventually and I'll be thinking up a configuration for it, so I'll let you know how I get on with that game once I've tried it out. Yeah, like you mentioned above, it feels like the SC's design had shooters in mind. The configurator can help make a lot of games playable, though the controller lends itself to certain genres better. It eventually comes to a point where you really have to be an enthusiast to use it over a M/KB or a more standard controller. Regarding controller movement and mouse aiming, lately I've been playing Sleeping Dogs. Although I haven't found any firearms yet, I'm sure at some point there's going to be some for the protagonist to use. I imagine using a simulated joystick output (again, I use the left pad for movement) when driving a vehicle along with mapping the right pad to mouse aim (I am going to assume you'll be able to shoot while driving) will be extremely helpful.
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