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  1. Marufrozen

    War Wind

    Personally I love the artstyle. It's very strange and fits the oddness of the world itself. Even if you don't like the graphics, you might still find the mechanics decently enjoyable. You can carry units over from each mission and upgrade them. In addition the structures themselves can store things and you can pick up items. It's a pretty neat game, though it's definitely a 'dated' game. So if you don't like that kind of thing and you don't like the graphics you might want to pass. I still like it a lot personally.
  2. Marufrozen

    Game Dungeon Wish List

    Would really like to see Myth: The Fallen lords and it's sequel. 1 and 2 sit right next to Tib sun as my favorite games. Myth I think has some great presentation, some awesome music and how can you beat dwarves blowing zombies into many bloody pieces that riddle the landscape? Both 1 and 2 are awesome. The third one is a genuinely bad game, but it has some interesting elements to it. Like the Trow in armor.
  3. Marufrozen

    Games that you are happy made it into the Game List

    I'm happy to see War Wind on there. I've played that game a whole ton and I still really like it a lot. Not sure what it is about the game I just really like it a lot. I think War Wind 2 wasn't nearly as good though. Not surprised it didn't make the list since they shoehorn humans into the mix. With that said I still want to actually finish war wind 2 one day.
  4. Marufrozen

    Wargames: Defcon1

    Editing my post cause I didn't realize the footage I was watching was incorrect and the PC version is really different from the PS1 version. I liked the PS1 game a lot and it's weird to see it as an RTS. Seems a lot like the PS1 version graphics wise though. What did it steal assets from?
  5. Marufrozen

    War Wind

    Hope you play this one at some point. The story itself is nothing amazing, but the world is strange and bizarre. Plus it's got Tywald, chain breaker. Can't beat that.

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