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  1. This was a fun one. Thank you for uploading these chats as always!
  2. Been playing a bit of Guilty Gear. Good memories, but I still suck at fighting games
  3. Perfect! Thanks a lot for all the content. Can't wait to watch it tonight
  4. Loved it, really fun episode. Merry belated christmas!
  5. I'll probably get this when it comes out of early access. I don't like playing unfinished games, but this one looks promising
  6. Really interested in playing this one some day, after watching the Good Bag Games video where it was mentioned
  7. This game had so many cool details... I have to replay it some day I got a bunch of Piranha Bytes games (Gothic and Risen trilogies plus Arcania) and all the Postal games
  8. This is how I play most games, specially when the world is full of details! I've been playing a lot of XCOM... Tried to not get too attached to my soldiers but ended up customizing everyone again
  9. This reminded me I have to play Aquanox some day... It was one of the first games I got on Steam, but never played nor installed it. Iron Storm was kinda like a guilty pleasure for me years ago, but it probably hasn't aged too well now I watched a stream of Hades and had to buy it (plus the soundtrack). It looks gorgeous!
  10. I didn't buy anything in this Steam sale, but I got Silent Storm Gold Edition a few days ago. Will probably buy something else during the Winter Sale
  11. I went back to XCOM, but I also have Silent Storm installed just in case of a sudden ragequit
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