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  1. The shooting mechanics and the randomized guns are quite interesting, but the levels are a bit short. I've only tried the F2P version on Steam, though. The full version has more content
  2. Just finished an Ironman run on Enemy Within! Feels good. I kinda wish the game was longer, I didn't get to fully enjoy my MEC troops... I guess that's what Long War is for I'll rest from XCOM for a while, not sure what to play next tho
  3. Funny thing is, I fell asleep while listening to it and had a weird dream. So yeah, dreamlike indeed
  4. Hell yeah! I was really hyped for this game back in the day...
  5. This is one of those old games I got in a sale but never ended up playing. Halloween ftw
  6. Soleil has a good story with some really cool meta commentary on games. Everything's a bit dated by now of course, but give it a try sometime, it's a fun little ARPG
  7. Have you played Soleil? Or maybe Beyond Oasis? I like those two. My avatar was a gift from a friend (he's way better than me). I draw characters and clothes mostly, but I've been trying to draw scenery too. I'll share some of my stuff later.
  8. I'm just in the mood for playing this particular mix of strategy/turn-based stuff now. I'm not too much of a completionist, just enjoying myself. My backlog will probably remain mostly untouched now that I think about it. Too many games, too little time. Regardless, I'll probably stop playing XCOM for a while if I don't win on my next save (the rng is getting just too bad for my taste right now). Like TotalBiscuit used to say, games just need to be compelling for the player. If you're in the mood for a different experience (or simply don't want to deal with some mechanics), there's nothing wrong with cheating or modding your game. Make your own fun!
  9. Hi, I'm from Argentina. Been watching Ross for years, but never made an account on the forum until now. I like old games and drawing stuff.
  10. The micromanaging gets even worse with Ironman on. I still enjoy the game, but the pacing is quite different now. I lost again last night, maybe I'll start another run tonight.
  11. Ironman in XCOM: Enemy Within (now on my third attempt). Maybe I'll try the Long War mod after this.
  12. Pretty excited for Dark Souls!
  13. As far as I can tell, the PC port is pretty bad. Not as bad as the original Dark Souls port, but still quite bad. I just got this one too, good memories!
  14. You may want to try the BFG Edition, as the color palette is slightly brighter and colorful than the original Doom 3. Both games are pretty dated nowadays in terms of graphics, though
  15. I got Dragon's Dogma because it looks cool and it was on sale.
  16. I'm replaying Doom 3, just for fun. I tried to play the BFG Edition, but there were some things that I didn't like so I switched to the original version. Having a good time!
  17. I would totally go for something like this. Old school RPGs had some pretty stimulating color palettes. (baldursgate2.wsz)
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