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Questions for September 2017 Videochat

The next videochat will fans will be live 4PM EST on September 3rd at You can ask questions you’d like me to answer here and I’ll prioritize those with the most votes. I’ll probably talk some about the Episode 3 script leak since a bunch of people emailed me about that. FM2 is currently running late, but both it and another video are getting relatively close to getting done. I’ve had a shift of plans for September and October I think most people will like.

I accidentally put the wrong date, it’s on September 3rd, not retroactively in the past with a time machine.


Videochat August 2017

Regular monthly chat with fans for August. I think it mostly made sense some of the time. My apartment was hot. I’m hoping the website starts to see big changes this month, more coming on the videos either way.



Questions for August 2017 Videochat

The next videochat will fans will be live 4PM EST on August 5th at You can ask questions you’d like me to answer here and I’ll prioritize those with the most votes.



Subtitles: English

Freeman’s Mind! This is showing up about a month later than I intended, but I promise to keep at it either way. Since this is the first episode with any combat, there were actually a number of issues I ran into with the Source engine that eventually got ironed out. I may have a new obstacle in the next episode, it’s too early for me to tell yet. In any event, if anyone has experience with minor modding with the Source engine, you’re welcome to email me just in case future unexpected surprises pop up.

The bad news is due mostly to Armed & Delirious, but partially to Source, I think it’s no longer realistic for my plan to have two Freeman’s Mind this month (and have time to sleep, exercise, etc.). Work has started on Episode 4, but I’m afraid I’m back to a “when it’s done” timetable with the intention of getting at least one a month out. I’m still hoping to have the next one out early August however, but my time estimates are frequent evidence I wouldn’t have a very good career as a fortune teller.




Subtitles: Part 1 – English | Part 2 – English

Armed & Delirious! While other games like Battleforge and Bip-Bop 2 emerged to be important episodes for me, this is the episode I most wanted to make for Game Dungeon from the beginning. I’ve put it off for so long because I knew it would be a lot of work, and wow, it really was. There was simply no making a short episode about this game for me; there would have just been too much to cut out. I actually didn’t make as many jokes as I sometimes do because the source material was so nuts there wasn’t as much room to compete.

Game Dungeon is going to become more sparse for a little while, so I have more time to focus on the movie, but I’ll be continuing my plan to try and have monthly Freeman’s Mind. This episode took weeks and weeks to make. You wouldn’t think it possible, but there were just so many small aspects involved with making this that caused it to drag on a long while past I wanted it to. For this kind of effort, I really want to be working on the movie instead. Things are running behind schedule, but I’m still hoping to have two Freeman’s Mind episodes this month. Also, for now, I’m going to have to postpone, possibly cancel tomorrow’s UT2004 session for this month, I simply got too backed up in making this video I have to catch up on a lot of other things.

Anyway, hope you enjoy the video, this game is certainly an experience.