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This is a last-minute notice, but I’ve discovered I can no longer launch Planetside 2! This means I can’t join up with fans. So as a quick ditch effort, I’ll be playing Zombie Panic: Source instead. Go ahead and download it now (it should be free) and I’ll have more info on what’s going on soon if you want to join. Stream will be on


If you wish to join, connect to any of the following servers in-game:

Accursed Farms Main Server (
Accursed Farms Overflow Server #1 (
Accursed Farms Overflow Server #2 (

Password: corkscrew

I will be playing on the main server, but you can still play with other fans on the overflow servers (it might be best for people to rotate some on the main one anyway). My apologies for everything being so last minute!


Videochat November 2016

Here’s the November chat with fans. A few highlights of this one are that I hope to have a Zombie Panic playsession with fans in the future, although the sheer player limit will unfortunately limit how many can join up. I also discuss an update on the situation with EA killing games. Unfortunately it seems letters will have absolutely no impact as there a sophisticated system in place to ensure that executives never see these letters. I’m still working on other approaches to get this practice to end, but it’s going to take some time to implement. Work continues on more videos in the meantime!



Time correction

Sorry to spam people with updates, but in the last post, I listed the time incorrectly. It will 4PM (as usual) for the videochat today on


November chat soon

I screwed up the times! It will be at 4PM EST, not 10PM. In other words, what I said in the last videochat.

- – -

I should have made a post on this sooner, but the next videochat will be on November 5th, 4pm EST. You can post questions here I can try to answer if you’re interested.



Subtitles: English

Welcome to another 11th hour Halloween episode! The irony is thick on this one for me, since I intentionally tried to scale down things so I could be done early for once, so naturally a mildew infection hit my apartment which took a big bite out of my time, hence this barely making it in time for Halloween!

This was an interesting game to cover. I never tried the game prior to this month, nor did I know much about it, I just suspected it would be a good pick for the game dungeon, and it certainly qualified. Regardless of what else I say in the video, this game definitely has some heart to it, which can be refreshing to see. This also puts Clive Barker’s Undying in a new light for me, since some of the influences are really apparent from this game. Anyway, have a good just-barely Halloween for those farther west of me!