DOTA 2 Announcer pack submitted!

The announcer pack for DOTA 2 that I mentioned earlier has been submitted! It contains over 600 lines, has lots of situational humor, and the highest recording quality I’ve produced to date. Here is proof of it:

Link to DOTA submission

I have NO IDEA what the next step is! I guess Valve will look it over and decide if it’s acceptable or not, then I’ll get further instructions from there. It wouldn’t surprise me if they make me change the name from “Freeman’s Mind Announcer Pack”, but that shouldn’t affect the lines.

Anyway, now that this is submitted, I’ll be getting back to the videos and other things. More news coming this month!

I’ve been informed that this will need to be voted up a bunch for Valve to look at it. I don’t expect people to do that without knowing more about it, but I’ll make a proper media campaign for this later. Feel free to vote on it for now, but I’ll have a lot more details later.



Stranger In Need Re-released

Stranger In Need

Well this should have happened a long time ago, but the story of my life seems to be “better late than never.” Here is the re-released version of Stranger In Need, the first and probably last video I’ll do in Source Filmmaker. The original version of this video was just barely done in time for a deadline and I had to cut a few corners on it that I wanted to spend a little bit longer fixing. This version has the main fixes I wanted to have the first time around. It mainly consists of slightly improved animations, adding a few effects I meant to have the first time, a more polished sound mix, etc. This the closest thing I get to a “patch” for my videos. I promise I didn’t go George Lucas on this though, all the changes are very subtle, you may not even notice the difference.



Download (110MB H.264 MKV)

- – -

I was hoping to have more news for August, but it’s looking like that’s not going to happen. That just means there’s more news and videos coming for September though!



College Radio Interview

I’m still busy with a lot of stuff, but a new interview has gone up if you’re interested. This one is for the “Max and Teddy in the Morning at Night – Sometimes” show that broadcasts on a college radio station out of Cleveland. This interview almost didn’t happen, since they had a technical problem and didn’t confirm they could hear me before broadcasting live, so the first 10 minutes of this is them trying to troubleshoot their equipment while I listened helplessly. The first half of this are questions I’ve gotten a lot in other interviews, the bottom half has ones I haven’t gotten before.

Link to show page

Direct link to mp3 of the interview

Try to find the spot in the interview where their supervisor walked in and started talking to them also while broadcasting live!



Videos Re-uploaded

This is just a quick announcement that I’ve uploaded all my old videos to my own personal Youtube and Blip.tv channel and all the site links have been updated to point to them. I’d like to request people use these links in the future as opposed to the old ones at Machinima.com’s Youtube channel. I could go into detail on this, but I’ve been legally advised not to say more than that for now. They’re all streaming versions the highest quality copies of the videos I have available. The download links have also all been updated (except for Stranger In Need and FM48, those are coming later). I’ve updated hundreds of links, so if you spot any errors, please let me know.

Link to Blip.tv Channel

Link to Youtube Channel

Apparently Youtube spammed a bunch of subscribers when I put the videos back up, my apologies about that; I would have turned that function off if I knew how to. It’s a one-time thing though, you shouldn’t get spammed with new video links in the future unless there are actually new videos. More news coming this month!




Blip.tv link

Youtube link

Download 848×480 MKV

Welcome to what I think is the second-longest episode of Freeman’s Mind! My apologies about the delay on this one, all I can say is I’m about as busy as Freeman is in the video, the difference is I’m not getting shot at. This one got rushed a little bit as I promised to have this one out this week, but I’m still pretty happy with how it came out. It does make me NEVER want to promise when something will go up AGAIN. I keep meaning to never say that, then forget. So from this point on I’ll just say I’m unlikely to give any hard dates when something will come out for anything. I prefer a “when it’s done” approach anyway. That doesn’t mean Duke-Nukem-Forever-Style-Wait-15-years-Then-Go-Bankrupt “when it’s done” however.

On that note, I’m giving no promises when the next Freeman’s Mind episode will come out, despite my original intention of doing it every 2 weeks. I intend to submit the Freeman’s Mind DOTA 2 voice pack to Valve first, and finish up one other project before resuming. To try and make up for the delay, I am going to attempt to respond to (almost) ALL emails in my inbox. I currently have 632 emails I haven’t responded to, many of them months old. I hate not having time to reply to people, so I want to catch up on that. Starting this weekend, I will begin to reply to at least 20 emails a day until I am caught up.

More news coming soon!