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Videochat May 2016

Here’s the latest videochat! Many topics were covered this time, including more news on the Planetside 2 play session, discussion about the Nostalrius server, some other possible video plans, whether I should use twitter (for announcements only) and of course, many fan questions. This session had more technical problems than normal, at one point I thought I almost lost 90% of the chat, but was only able to recover it due to me changing twitch to auto-save just before the broadcast started.




Join me in Planetside 2! I originally planned to have this video out a couple weeks ago, but as usual for me, better late than never. Besides giving a rundown on what this is all about and relevant information, I also included a tutorial for people who have never played Planetside 2 before. I hope we get a large volume of people and things don’t melt down. In case you miss it, the game will start on May 15th, at 2pm EST on the Emerald Server. It will also be livestreamed at

The next videos will be a little slow to come out (besides the monthly videochat), but I’m working to get all kinds of stuff coming in the future. In the meantime, I’ll see some of you in Planetside!

I made two important mistakes in the video!

1. There is an easier way to get to some battles! You can “serial spawn” where you repeatedly spawn closer and closer to the base you want, waiting 10 seconds in between. I didn’t know that!
2. Each base DOES have a vehicle terminal, but some may need an engineer to repair them. Something else I didn’t know.



Upcoming videochat + minor news

I forgot to mention in the last videochat the date of the next one. In general I’m doing it on the first Sunday of each month, so the next will be in about a week on May 1st, at 4pm EST at You can leave additional questions or topics you’d like me to try to cover here in the comments below. I plan on discussing the Nostalrius server incident some in the beginning also.

In other news, the Planetside 2 recruitment video is getting close to being finished, I’m guessing 2 days maximum. I was hoping to have it done by now, but the tutorial got more involved than I planned and I wanted to make sure people won’t be lost. After that, my time will be split multiple ways between catching up on emails, getting other projects slowly prepared, working on the movie, and VERY slowly working on the next Game Dungeon. I’m staying busy one way or another!




Subtitles: English

New game dungeon! This has been one I’ve been wanting to make for a while, I think it came out pretty well. In the last videochat, I predicted it would come out in 3 days. I honestly believed that, since I thought it was “mostly” done. Here it is a week and a half later, with me working most of the time on it, with it FINALLY being finished. It honestly astounds me how much time the small simple things end up taking. I run into so many things that should conceptually only take about 10 minutes that end up taking 1.5 hours for one reason or another. Or else they will take 10 minutes, but then I realize I’m forgetting 10 other small parts also.

On that note, after the next video, I plan to really catch up on email and help offers so I can be more efficient on future videos, but I have lots of stuff planned. For the immediate future, expect the next video to be a Planetside 2 “recruitment” video for a hopefully monthly play session with fans I hope to get started sometime this month. In the meantime, enjoy Rama!



Videochat April 2016

Here’s the latest videochat, many topics discussed! Also in this video is a followup to the Ross Rants: Robot Jobs video from not long ago if you want to hear more about that (it starts at 6:07). As for the highlights, the next Game Dungeon will hopefully be out in a few days, then I’ll be working on the Planetside 2 Recruitment video. I also hope to make a huge dent in emails and getting other projects underway this month. It’s possible I’ll have an additional Game Dungeon this month, but I can’t say for certain yet. More stuff coming either way!