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Realm of the Mad God

Well the results from the reddit thread where people could vote on what game to replace Planetside 2 seem to be overwhelmingly in favor of Realm of the Mad God. I actually have no experience in this game other than running it for 5 minutes to confirm it was working. Lots of players seem to think it won’t matter if you’re a new player or not, we’ll find out how true that is. In any event, if you’re starting fresh, I will be too. Hopefully the gameplay will be conducive to lots of people being able to join in where I am. Join in on on January 21st 2pm EST if you’re interested in following / playing with me.

I want to emphasize that unlike Planetside, I will NOT be making a tutorial for this game or providing help, so if you need it, you’ll have to consult the rest of the internet on it. It looks like the runner up was Unreal Tournament 2004, which I might be interested in doing sessions of later on anyway.

The latest videos are delayed, but are still coming. I would give time estimates, but the latest Game Dungeon became more involved than I thought it would. It should definitely still be this month.


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