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Bronson Soundtrack

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Not sure if anyone here has seen BRONSON -




woo large poster.


Anyways, you should check the movie out but most importantly the soundtrack.


The opening of the movie is quite strong, this opening is accented very well with a classic tune The Electrician by Walker Brothers.


There's a montage somewhere in the middle of the movie that uses the song Glass Candy by Digital Versicolor quite heavily, amazing scene the music makes this scene for me.


Another pivotal song is It's A Sin by Pet Shop Boys, it's a bit of a ridiculous song but it fits so well in the movie. And after having seen the film I fell in love with this song.


Ray Martin - Meet Mister Callaghan can not go unnoticed. This tune sounds like it would fit perfectly in the next Fallout game.


There's a collection of pop-synth, club tunes and Classical on the Bronson soundtrack. You can buy the soundtrack online or you can always find other means to procure this little gem.

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I have seen this film, and it is absolutely brilliant, as is it's soundtrack. In fact, I might own the soundtrack.

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Masterpiece of a film and masterpiece of a soundtrack.

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