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  1. I'm pretty sure you mean the Elder Scrolls series. K6tKH9kBOGs I'm fan of both series', but I'm more of a Zelda dork. However, I'm even more of a Bethesda fanboy for their Fallout games so my loyalty to the developer compels me to defend Skyrim as well. You know what, I'm writing in Batman: Arkham City as my answer. Fuck it.
  2. The process of dying itself is like getting giga-high on your brain juices. Death is being gone forever, so it's nothing but at least you have something to think about (or not). It's nice to imagine that people at least get to go where they think they'll go, but that's as far I'll stray toward any belief in something after death.
  3. Watching videos on the YouTube, drinking Red Cream Soda. That's right, I said Red Cream Soda.
  4. I figured I would post on here since I've been away like some jerk who has a stupid job that makes him not on the computer all day or something. I used to post like a reactionary dick, I shall return to posting, but now as a dick of love and of fun and run on sentences and Batman. Batman, guys. anyway, carry on.
  5. Accursed Farms on my phone? Does life get any better? I suggest it cannot.
  6. Playing with my new Droid Pro. I have a little Space Core widget.
  7. Batin' Watching/analyzing movies Interneting That's about all I do.
  8. Everything dies, baby, that's a fact. But maybe everything that dies someday comes back.
  9. Did anyone else on here have the Sega Channel? I miss that. It was so awesome.
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