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Thank you, I now have a throbbing headache and a wish to stab whoever made that piece of garbage in the chest with a dull knife. Seriously, so far from my taste that it's not even funny. Whoever thought that friggin' kick was a good thing? I know this is a genr eor something but man... maybe it'd fit in a game or something but I just can't listen to it on its own. I couldn't even make it 2 seconds without turning it off.


Nothing personal.



Now this is epic.

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I knew I should have put a skip to 1:10 to avoid the annoying intro.

Also, 9/10

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3/10 It doesn't evict much emotion.


This one has a rather complex sounding melodic structure.

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4/10. If I want some Arpeggio Synth melody, I'd rather listen to absolutely any released Acid Trance, they're all basically the same. This is like that but with bad sound engineering. I don't like the beat either. kick is distorted, everything else is out of place.

And what the hell is with the intro? Who starts a track with the melody?


This is proper Sound Engineering.



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0.5/10 1. The song I posted could be described as Japanese Hardcore with Gabber. 2. Implying that songs can have bad sound engineering. 3. The kick is not distorted, I said that it had a complex melodic structure, there is more beat under the kick. 4. Implying that songs can have good sound engineering.

It would have been a 5/10, were not for your biased post.



Because you put me in the mood to post this.

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I absolutely loved it. I don't understand this getting pissed when I write my honest opinion, why the fuck would you upload stuff here then? So I could write 10/10 and you're happy? I'm a musician, audiophile and a DJ, I have a fucking right to describe what I don't like in a song and what I notice, if anything you should be happy I pointed out the negatives on a track, but I guess people are different.


Next time I won't judge your tracks then, I'll leave it for someone else.


Also no one said you have to put your favourite tracks here, if you don't want them judged, I don't put mine here.

Just put stuff you would be interested in getting judged for **** sake. That's what this topic is about.




EDIT: And I'm aware I'm not the god of music, I'm just sharing what I hear.

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10/10 LOL.

Sorry, I was just sad that you shot down my favorite song.



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It's very simple and based around the vocals. Not too much going on instrumentally, which, personally, is the most appealing trait for me. And, as I do not understand the lyrics, I cannot interpret any of the songs meaning. I give it a





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7.5/10 Used to like it. It got overplayed. And really hooves? I'm overdoing it? I'm posting in relevant threads and I'm spreading it to get people's opinions of it. Then you post that and I get no legitimate opinion at all. Thanks.

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