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Machinima.com interview + news update

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Hey everyone, I've been very busy lately, lots of stuff has been going on though I've probably appeared to be dead on the site. I haven't caught up on all the comments yet, but here's a rundown of what's been happening:




A few weeks ago, Machinima.com contacted me about an interview. I've been trying to postpone everyone asking about that until "The Tunnel" is done (more on that below), but I couldn't really put off Machinima.com since they're the largest reason so many people watch my videos in the first place. I was told it would go up a couple weeks later, and here it is a couple weeks later and some viewers have spotted it and have been helpful in posting it in the comments. Here's a link:


Video Interview with Machinima.com


This is the first I'm seeing the footage as well, it appears they stretched my face. It was actually filmed entirely blind on my side, I couldn't see the host I was talking to, so if my behavior seems odd, that's why. I think this is my first video appearance on the internet. I've been kind of avoiding that since I don't look like Freeman these days, but hopefully people will keep watching the videos anyway. I've been saving a lot of money on haircuts in the meantime.




I've had some dynamite responses regarding the forums, but have been incredibly busy, with replying to everyone being on the "to do" list for day after day. The reason they're not up is probably my fault at this point, but I'll get to it soon.




This is why I haven't been active on other things, "The Tunnel" is getting DAMN close to being done, I've gotten some good help and I think it's a real possibility that ALL the audio will be done this weekend. After that, I should be 24-48 hours out from having it 100% done and uploaded.




Time on this has been siphoned toward "The Tunnel" but it will be resumed immediately afterwards.




I'm going to be moving soon to a mysterious location for mysterious reasons in a few weeks, some of my time has been spent getting ready for that. That will disrupt production for a little while, but I intend to get "The Tunnel" and at least one more FM episode done before then.





It seems I was ambitious, the sound editing still isn't done, but a lot of progress had been made (besides myself there are currently 3 sound editors working on this, I'm hoping I don't need more). I'll have another update here once it's completed.

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right now i look a little bit like ross,but my hair is shorter so i would be an ash ketchum without his hat and with an less anime-like hair : P

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What a dork!!! (not you Ross, the other guys)


You say the Tunnel is very very close eh? Sounds great!


If I can maybe ask a touchy question...


It seems to me that based on your earlier posts that you like civil protection better than freemans mind because it was your original project and you put more into it while freemans mind was just a pacifier while we all wait for civil protection.


Is it disconcerting to you that maybe all, or a great majority, of your best ideas and achievements seem to be put into civil protection yet everyone seems to be focused on freemans mind?


I for one can appreciate the difficulty and time put into civil protection and do think you do a fantastic job on them. I think freemans mind just holds some, for lack of a better term, nostalgia because we all know what's coming up next, we just want to see what the silent protagonists point of view is.


Honestly, you have a hit with both. Civil protection is an intentional hit but Freeman's mind was such a simple idea that you have really got something that people like, a lot!


Some of the best ideas are the simplest ones! You should be proud of yourself.

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i forgot this: WTF?!?! THATS UR MIC? i mean, i understand u cant afford buying expensive stuff, but that's just hilarious. (no offense)


also, u deserve it, and im, ready, willing and able to give u my money, u have been my main source of bad marks and 24 hour entertainment since 2007.

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I hope the mysterious location is next door to me. I will be over all the time eating up all your Doritos and drinking all the koolaid.

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