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What is this movie about?

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Some douschebag parents named their kid 'Nightmare', and they move to Elm Street.


Aliens in the Attic

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The tragic tale of some homeless kids who eat garbage.


Fantastic Mr. Fox

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The death metal band: Death create a machine that dances to their music.


The Railway Dragon

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(Holy damn I remember that! Badass mate!!)

A story of some kid who drives trains to kill a dragon that lives on the railway


An Eye For An Eye

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The railway dragon is on youtube, if youre interested in rewatching it.




An Eye for an Eye:

A philosophical movie asking "If I can spy with my little eye, then how does my little eye spy? Does my little eye have an eye of it's own"?




Full Metal Jacket

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the Wacky adventures on the 13th floor of a building.


Captain Underpants

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