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Command and Conquer.

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Whilst the music is in general (no pun intended) pretty good, I particularly enjoyed the music and general musical themes for the Empire of the Rising Sun in Red Alert 3.

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Hell march:


Hell March 2:


Hell March 3:



Hell March 2 is my personal favourite, possibly one of the most epic soundtracks ever composed.


Here's a soundtrack (and game) which was basically lost when EA took over:


I prefer the original hell march 1 actually. The others feel like inferior remixes to me.

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I have to say, while it was Steve Jablonski and not Frank Klepacki that did Command and Conquer 3, he didn't do a bad job imitating the style Klepacki created for the Tiberium Series.


As shown here.

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I still prefer Frankie's tracks.


I'm not denying that. I love his music. His solo stuff is really good too.

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I'm still loving the Soviet March and whatever the Empire's theme is from RA3...

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Tiberian Dawn: Mechanical Man (Target), Act On Instinct, Radio, Warfare, Just Do It Up. ("Let's get back to equal justice... Increase fear and suspicion..." "REPEAT!")

Red Alert: Crush, Big Foot, Hell march, so many others because this soundtrack is AWESOME.

Tiberian Sun: Just off the top of my head, Valves, Mutants, Lone Trooper, Pharotek, Infrared... This is my favourite soundtrack from the series.

Red Alert 2: Brain Freeze, Trance L Vania, Phat Attack, Hell March 2... This was the first C&C game I ever had. This is the soundtrack of my childhood. And yet, I do have to say Tiberian Sun and the first Red Alert had better soundtracks and most of the ones I still listen to from this are from Yuri's Revenge.

Generals and beyond... Just don't do it for me.

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Original Hell March, hands down the best. There are so many good ones in the franchise, especially early on, but HM has been in every workout/running/get pumped mix tape/mix CD/playlist I've ever made since RA2 came out.

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