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  1. I there should be someway to obtain Marijuana legally but I don't want it to be as easy as getting cigarettes. But not other drugs, HELL NO that's a terrible idea.
  2. Is it really *that* bad in a lot of countries? I go to a catholic school and they thought me everything about evolution, they don't mention religion at all unless you're doing the religion subject. Even in religion we don't even learn about the bible, just ethics and other religions. A lot of the science teachers are actually agnostic/atheist. Maybe it's just different here..
  3. OoT is my favourite game of all time. I'm looking forward to skyward sword.
  4. You have to pay for animations are you kidding me Valve? Please tell me this is a joke Korean MMOs don't even have microtransactions as ridiculous as this.
  5. same here, i remember going 2 the computer lab during break times to play that. i also have it at home (1.3, then 1.4 and 1.5, i almost never play 1.6 because its filled with riot shield douchebags). and when i was young i used to play it with Botman's bots, which weren't that good, but funny as hell, as they replied somehow to what you said. imagine it as a combo between CSS bots and Cleverbot. Yes that actually blew my mind since I was new to the internet and didn't know such things existed.
  6. Maybe machinima should hold off on uploading CoD commentaries and post some actual machinima
  7. I just snapped this photo right now. I'm 17 btw.
  8. I Just woke up and it's still not up are you kidding me?
  9. I liked Charlie Sheen because of Platoon and Hot Shots. I never liked TaaHM. as for his current state...Martin Sheen would be so ashamed of Charlie right now.
  10. I was really disappointed with Chell's Mind. It had so much potential, but apparently CyhAnide stopped making it. It IS really well done, and the lines were extremely witty and well thought. I wish she'd continue the series It sounds like I'm missing out on something.
  11. Is there any proof that they're still working on the game?
  12. Yeah I agree there's about 50000 commentators, the only one I like is HDstarcraft (not on machinima) but that's because he doesn't actually commentate his own games but commentates others and does it like how they do sports. (btw it's starcraft 2) All the CoD ones talk about their personal lives or complain about an over powered weapon.
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