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Gorilla Gong reviewers wanted!

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I may make an official post on this later, but I wanted to give everyone here the first shot at this. Since we've made the migration to the new site code, we can better support additional reviewers for Gorilla Gong now. What this means is essentially any good machinima video (or some non-machinima, more on that below) you find, you could submit to the site, do a short write-up on, then you would be credited with having selected it. We want to get as much good machinima on the site as possible. Alternately, while this isn't as big a priority to us, if you're familiar with lots of non-machinima gaming content (live-action, particularly entertaining let's plays, or reviews, etc.) we can also add that to our "Banana Pit" section, although that won't be appearing on the front page. Our focus is still machinima first and foremost. Here are the requirements for being a reviewer:


-Have good video taste (this is subjective, but we still want to try to keep standards up)

-Ability to follow simple directions when submitting a video

-Ability to write up a couple sentences (or longer if you want) on any video you submit, particularly what it's about and why you chose it.

-Be okay with the fact that I'm essentially boycotting any content that has the Machinima.com watermark on it (we don't block the videos/creators themselves, just the branding)

-Send me links of at least 5 of machinimas you like so we can get an idea of your tastes. To lower bias, try to send me ones that I have NOT put up on GG myself.


We're looking for videos that have some quality to them. These don't have to be the best videos you've ever seen, but they should have some appeal to watch for one reason or another. This reviewer offer extends to anyone who is a fan of machinima and wants to see the format grow. If you're interested, go ahead and email me at rosswscott@gmail.

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I'll just go ahead and say flat-out that I could never do this. I'm not big on machinima, the only machinimas I'll watch is content by Ross himself. I used to watch some let's plays and the ol' yogscast minecraft Shadow of Israphel thing, but now I just... don't. Heh. At any rate my best wishes to everyone who does apply for the reviewer position, and to Ross for getting some good ones on the team.

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Unfortunately, I just don't like enough of the existing machinima... There were once-upon-a-time some really cool videos I saw on YouTube, but they either were deleted, or I just can't find them anywhere again. (including a totally awesome live-action duplication of a real CS 1.6 match, which is now impossible to find underneath the thousands of crap results that have nothing to do with either CS 1.6 or live-action)

Don't insult me. I have trained professionals to do that.

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I'm actually very interested, and I know a lot of really amazing stuff that isn't on Gorilla-Gong yet.

Unfortunately, I can't even find the time to post them on the GG Forums, and the others I plan to

recommend actually DO have the Machinima watermark on them. The creators haven't even been

able to re-upload them on their own channels yet, and they're years old.


I'll see if I can apply for this a couple more weeks down the road. I'm sorry but I can't get all the

information right now. I hope to see some other people interested in reviewing for GG as well.

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