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Thank you for all your work! I've started putting up... finally :roll: all exisiting subtitles on AccursedFarms channel. If you could help me with bringing back ep 20-21 and maybe some of you are interested in translation of everything since then (except 22,23,24, and 40) I'd be really happy! :D:D:D:D


Thank you again! Vive la France!

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Hey :) I'm curious, why the special request? I could make the ones that are missing if no one else does, I scored 19/20 on my written french BAC :3

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Hi, I volunteer to make at least Revenant part 1 but I need some help with the subtitle workshop. Right now I am banging rocks together. By that I mean I load the video on youtube, watch it and pause every time a new subtitle can be inserted. I estimate the time it would take between captions and then write what I can translate. Am I doing it right? Or is there something I can do in my technique to be more efficient?

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Hi there! There's actually a much easier way of doing this.


I have already created subtitles (in English) for every video Ross has made, including all Game Dungeons, all Freeman Minds, all Civil Protections, and even the other videos. They are already all timed out and ready to go. Follow these easy steps and you can get to translating today!


1. Visit the link in my signature. I have the subtitles categorized.

2. Download the SRT file you want to translate.

3. Open the SRT file in Subtitle Workshop.

4. Translate!

5. Post the finished file in the appropriate section on the forum and I'll handle it from there.


Thank you!

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Thank you so much for your time! The biggest pain in the ass is now gone. Now should I put you as an editor while I am just translating what I found in the compendium?

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If you'd like. Something along the lines of


[subtitles by danielsangeo]
[Translation by Mamjumbo]


or whatever you feel is fitting. Thanks! :)

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While I am the official (English) subtitler of Accursed Farms, I am not currently in charge of adding the subtitles to the YouTube videos themselves. There are still some subtitles that I've provided that have not yet been placed on the videos.


Hopefully this will be sorted soon.

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