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Deadlock 2: Shrine Wars

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I recently found a place to get this abandonware game after remembering sneaking out of bed into the living room to play the PCgamer demo of this game on my family's shared computer when I was 7 or so. Did anyone else ever play this?


Deadlock is a turn based strategy game released by Accolade in the late 90's (I think) where up to 8 separate sentient races attempt to colonize a planet. The game has an interesting resource management system where you manually assign colonists to work on either resource collection, money collection, culture growth (basically a way to keep your colonists happy while taxing them more), or building and unit construction. The gameplay is really fun and aside from the clumsy UI and pixelated graphics the game doesn't feel particularly dated today. The lore and alien species are interesting, but not incredibly well developed. The graphics also range from abysmal to somewhat serviceable. I'd put a link to where I found a place to get the game, but I'm not sure what the policy is here on links to torrent sites. It works fine with minimal hassle on 64 bit Windows 7.

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Sounds somewhat similar to Cyberstorm 2...


Torrent links are fine, but only if it's guaranteed to not have a virus, either in the site, or the torrent. I personally recommend posting the magnet link for the torrent itself if possible.

Don't insult me. I have trained professionals to do that.

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It is similar to Cyberstorm in some ways, but it has no real time element. Also the lore isn't as expansive as the Cyberstorm/Earthseige/Tribes universe, but that's sort of to be expected.


Here's the magnet link to the torrent I used.


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Man, i loved deadlock 2, and was disappointed that the big ending that it promised if you won all the campaigns was non existent. I also loved cyberstorm 2, but only played the demo. That whole "recycle the clones" and combat drugs aspect was crazy, and it's a shame no one has copied that in a newer game. 


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I got a CD version when I got older, and the game was reaaaaaaly buggy and harder than I remembered.

Deadlock 2 had you actually playing on a different planet for each mission, with each planet having a different resource balance based on terrain.
The final ending is when you finish the campaign of the Uva Mosk (one of the species in the game) and


Figure out that the secret of the shrines was actually terraforming technology, and the shrines are the terraformers

Which sure isn't a very exciting, but for ppl like me who really like strategy management games , this was a very good game.
Coincidentally, the Uva Mosk are also the easiest species to play since they have a very high bonus to aircraft combat among other things. So I think I finished their campaign first or second.
Also, back then I thought that the human councilor was voiced by Whoopi Goldberg.

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Burn the World!

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