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Space Rangers (2: a war apar)

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Basically a CTRL+C -> CTRL+V of a post I made thinking that "other videos" are also for RGD suggestions (Have no idea how to remove it though):


There is a game that i think was heavily underlook by (almost) EVERYONE (except steam greenlight, which is basically eye of sauron at this point), which is basically a classic in Russia. It's called Space Rangers (and it's newest "version" on steam "Space Rangers: a war apart" (should be "Space Rangers: Revolution", but they changed it for some reason)). The game is a wonderful mish-mash of little genres in a way that you would think would be the worst, but is quite great.

I would sent you a copy on mail, but

1. I am okay with pirating a game I already bought,

2. My copy is a country away,

3. It's on steam for 10,99€.

It's supposedly 4/5, underlooked, not English/American, has a version that is translated to English;

It's perfect for a game dungeon episode (The only things missing are if it was barely launchable, run like garbage without 50 programmes, was on console and had 90s piracy protection).

The music and art are rad.

Also achievements are rad hardcore (hopefully I'm using the word "rad" correctly here.)

Please check it out!

PS: if you find yourself especially impressed/unimpressed by the game, try installing some mods

(which would prove almost impossible,as I don't even know if there are mods (that are not in russian)).

PSS: by underlooked I meant barely noticed by anyone, sorry if I confused anyone with that.

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Space rangers 2 is one of my qll time favorite. A war apart is basically a hd remake, but i found it even buggier and more out of balance. Srill, highly recommended.

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Damn, I loved this game! Very reminiscent of Starsector, I can't rightly remember which is older.
It was really hard.
You get used to cheesing in the RTS, just as long as you can survive the initial waves and get your economy going.
The text adventure games were really cheeseable too. It's a single game with the most games-within-a-game mechanics!

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I loved the first in series but sadly it's almost not runnable on modern computers. For me the fascinating part was that the Universe here really lives. The armies really battle over sectors, pirates do pirate stuff, inflation is present etc. You hardly find it in games because usually the world is static, playing the hedgehog day over and over again, but here it may change regardless of player's interference, so you can loose (or win - depends on a difficulty level) by just doing nothing.


Also the Russian version had kinda funny dialogues and text quests, I believe they f***ed them up in the English version though.

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