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Making a Freeman's mind soundboard

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Hello, I am Hamza From Jordan I am currently learning android programming so i decided to make and release an app because this way it will encourage me to learn more as i am still a newbie to the programming.

so as a fan of Ross's work, I decided to create a soundboard for him

though i need your help to find some good sounds from his videos as it is hard for me to find

some funny stuff like "i am being fingered by Godzilla"

thanks a lot and i know this is a stupid idea

but it will help a lot to grow as a newbie developer.

I am not looking for someone to trim the sound and upload

i am just looking for someone to tell me about one

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Hmm, 71 episodes. We could do a thing where each person is assigned an episode and picks out memorable lines.


Are there 71 properly active members though?


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