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Other countries/locations in the Fallout universe

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Fallout: Chorley - A small Lancashire town in England. Basically because I wanted to update the thread and I recently read some folklore story about a local parish called Angelzarke which is supposedly home to a dog-like beast called the Skriker; a terrifying black hound with red orb-like eyes that imitates the sound of crying infants to draw unsuspecting folks to their dooms on the moors.

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I think a really cool country that if Bethesda/Obsidian could tackle either be Canada or Mexico. If I remember, both of these countries were annexed by the US and had rebellion against the occupation (In the Germantown Police Station, there was a prisoner who was arrested for having a bomb and a "Pre-annexed" Canadian flag). There could be nationalistic factions who want to revive Canada/Mexico and be isolated to the US. The antithesis to these major factions could either be the NCR in Mexico, or the Enclave in Canada.


The NCR would want to expand to Mexico, as they did with New Vegas, and are more generally advanced with tech and supply, but have a imperialistic attitude to the tribes within Mexico, which could be the reason for the revival of Neo-Mexico.


The Enclave could still have survived, even if their base of operations got nuked, as they might have more bases in Alaska, as Anchorage was an important role in the war. So while weakened, they could continue on occupying Alaska and move to the south through the coast, say the British Colombia. British Colombia wouldn't be nuked as much, maybe as much as 5 nukes, as they don't have much resources that could've been useful, probably all of east Canada would be nuked as they have major cities and resources. So Neo-Canada would be in BC and protecting themselves from the Enclave.


Anyway, just a shower thought that I wanted to share.

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^ Shower thoughts are the best :3 I'd love to play in a recently liberated Canada or Neo-Mexico as you aptly titled the latter nation. Neo-Mexico in particular could have marvellously eccentric and history appropriating factions, whilst Canada could be menaced by nuclear snowstorms and horribly unique wildlife.

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