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reviewer sued

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im sure most have heard it by now (as i havent seen such internet s-storm in gaming world for a while), but some dev sued reviewer for giving their game a bad review:


video on matter:



While its mostly just so ridicolous, its funny, it theoretically could pave way for more events like this (though chances of this are minimal at best). so any toughts?

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...Thoughts...? Digital Homicide(or Homocide in the case of my spelling error pre-post-edit) clearly puts minimal effort into their games, despite them saying otherwise and REPEATEDLY trying to put games onto the Steam store several times. Man, at this point it's like the same criminal trying to rob the same store multiple times and saying it was a misunderstanding. At some point, it becomes *really* obvious what the truth is.


Also, the guy who spoke to Jim Sterling was a snarky ass. So, there's that too. Nice person to represent your "company"!

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The guy who spoke to Jim I believe was the only person at Digital Suicide. At least that was the impression I got from all of this the last time it came up.


Unless Jim actively sent his fans to do all the stuff they've reportedly done, then the only thing he could be really held accountable for legally is libel. And I don't actually recall that happening so I think Sterling is pretty safe in the long run. As for this potentially opening up more cases like this in the future? Maybe, though I like to believe that DH has already set up such a negative association with themselves that not many would be willing to attempt that for fear of being compared to DH. I can hope can't I? :S


Derek Savage might try it though. Well, he kinda "tried" and failed. Idle threatened it really. Don't let him find out about this. :x

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I'm not that familiar with Jim Sterling's stuff, I've only ever watched his review of the bull-fighting game Toro which I found quite amusing. I sometimes think some Youtuber's get a reputation for being over-entitled and needlessly angry. That being said unless a reviewer has actively encouraged a campaign of slander or harassment towards an individual no game developer, no matter how large, has any excuse or moral high-ground to then go and sue the reviewer for having an unfavourable impression of your new release. To paraphrase Ross Scott; "There are no good reasons! Only legal ones!" ;p

If this was some sort of cynical marketing attempt by Digital Homicide to garnish their game with the cultural cache of notoriety, it's a pretty silly move. The internet gaming fraternity on the whole tend to not react well to censorship or litigation. It's the advertising equivalent of mustard gas. It's going to ruin everyone's day, and it will more than likely drift back into your own trenches and give you horrible cytotoxic blisters.

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My amazing ability to foretell the future says that Jim Sterling will win this case. Shocking I know. Seriously I can't see this going anywhere in Digital Homicide's favor or possibly opening the gates for more hacks to sue more reviewers. Isn't it pretty obvious how this case will go? I don't envy Jim Sterling one bit for all the legal bullshit he has to go through first but to say that this case will go any other than in his favor or that it will open up even more cases like this is just ludicrous.

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