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I played that game as a kid along with my brother and father. It was a fun C&C clone. I think it got overshadowed by others like C&C, warcraft, starcraft, total annihilation and the like. One day my father broke the installation CD (yes CD-ROM, not DVD or bluray) when he put it in his briefcase, he snapped it in half when he closed it. We used to go to his workplace, where he would install some games on some of the computers and we would play in lan.


The game is available on GOG.

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I used to play this as a kid as well :) I think I'll give it a spin again in a near future. Thanks for reminding me about it :)

"Whate'er is born of mortal birth

Must be consumèd with the earth,

To rise from generation free:

Then what have I to do with thee?"

- William Blake, To Tirzah


Blade Runner, the 1997 game, taught me to appreciate poetry. The More You Know

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One of the first games I played. I still have the manual lying around:


"'Even the lowliest of beasts knows order. Order is the purpose of intellect." - Imperium Ruling Director Grote Reber

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