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Dead Game News Returns!

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Dead Game News returns! This is the new format I mentioned in the previous episode. While it's less fact-dense than before, I think overall people will find this much more watchable than the old format; much more effort was put into it writing and production-wise. This is another case where even if you know the news I'm reporting, I think you'll hear stuff from me on it that you won't hear elsewhere. Next video should be Freeman's Mind!



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I think you did an excellent job, but it frustrates me when people pair the term "nonprofit" with the definition "Not interested in making money". I know you know that a lot of organizations invested as nonprofits are actually just loophole based for profit companies.


I was also a little sad you didn't relate the Asheron's Call situation to the greater topic, where the original IP holder WANTED to to the right thing, but then another company destroyed the game on purpose. Aside from that though, I thought you made many good points I hadn't heard before.

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Subtitles will be coming for this episode...eventually. Don't expect it any time soon, though. It's at the lowest priority for me and I have other stuff on my plate.


That said, informative episode! I hope people take it to heart.

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Ross! See if this German word fits for your situation! :) I asked some friends of mine from Germany what word would best describe what you were talking about in your video. The recommended:


1) "Rosinenpickerei" which means "cherry picking" or literally "picking out the raisins".

2) "Haarspalterei" basically "hair splitting"


That's all I could come up with. :/ I don't know, though. I think both of those don't quite mean what you want. There might be more to it than meets the eye. You know how sometimes one thing means something in one culture, but much much more in another? But, anyway... Maybe here's something that even German can't describe in one word! ;) At least now you know a couple more German words! :)

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Some German Words for you:

Überraschende Überforderung in Sachen abgeschalteter, elektronischer Großgruppenspiele.

Hope there are enough Umlauts for you ;) .


It means:

Surprisingly excessive demand in case of dead MMPOGs.


Yes, I am a fool.

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There's actually a simple solution to the problem... that would require a large amount of legalwork to hammer things out. Players are free to distribute or utilize dead games so long as they can demonstrate that it is not a business of significant profit. Asking for donations fine so long as the profit is used to cover the costs of the distribution. If they'd like to make profit off of it the owner of the rights can provide a licensing agreement for a modest fee and a share of any profits made (lion's share of profits going to the licensee) but they have a modicum of control regarding what is done to develop the game. This would provide devoted gamers with a small amont of income which we knowthey'd use to buy more games and provide profits for the owners of the intellectual property. It probably would never be significant but it would be less exploitative of the consumer in this situation. There are a sad number of companies that suffer a form of what I believe to be "Investment Fallacy." If people spend money on a game that the industry doesn't produce then there is less money to spend on their products. Thus they must have complete control so that they can ensure that you spend your money properly.

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