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Halo: Master Chief Collection going to Steam

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The MCC includes halo 1 (and an anniversary’s mode you can swap between at will) halo 2, halo 2 anniversary, halo 3, ODST, and halo 4. Multiplayer is split up between every game (except halo1 and halo 1 anniversary because it’s just a graphics update) so if you only wanna play halo 2 classic online you can 

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I predict this this to be the start of the end for Xbox. If they're putting Halo back on PC, nothing is off the table now. I would say they have 1 more console in them at best and if if it's not a hit, will start slowly going strictly PC.

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Their internal memoed rationale for not putting any of the Halo games after 2 on PC was that Halo 2 had such a low demand outside of consoles, so people must not want to play it outside of consoles. They conveniently forgot that it was essentially a Vista exclusive, and Vista sucked ass.


Now you know the real reason why they were not released on PC at the same time as consoles. (because the people in charge at Microsoft were morons)

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