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Freeman's Mind 2: Episode 10

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Hi @danielsangeo.

So I checked this episode on youtube this morning, and somebody's had already uploaded the english subtitles, but lo and behold the're not yours! Looks like some guys made them using youtube editor. So, as far as I'm understand, the're not being approved by the owner of the channel or anything, because Ross knows that you're making them. Anyway, thanks.

By the way, at 06:14 your subtitles saying metrocop says "look out", while the youtube subtitles have "shit" and it does sounds a lot like he says "shit", but it's hard to say for sure. Also in subtile line #66 there's missing a "be".

Edited by roger_duncan_101 (see edit history)

Ross's videos featuring Russian & Ukrainian subtitles - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCovZbPyDLJnrSsm489fv9-A/playlists?disable_polymer=1

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@roger_duncan_101 Hi, I'm the guy that made the English subtitles. The line at 6:14 is "Shit!" This is evidenced because not only do Metrocops have the line that says "Shit!" (sound/npc/metrocop/vo/shit.wav), but it's also programmed for them to say that when approached by an incoming vehicle as evidenced by METROPOLICE_DANGER_VEHICLE0 under Sentences.txt

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