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Surface Tension ( DOS ) 1996

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Hello Everyone! I wanted to mention this game - Surface Tension ( DOS , PC ) 1996

- not to be confused with the Half Life level

It has an awesome soundtrack and I really enjoyed it.  It's extremly obscure in that there are no video reviews of it on youtube ( and yes, it was a fully boxed game that was sold in stores )




I mean.. check out this track from it


how can anything with this track not be awesome? I rest my case




the graphics may seem simple - but the terrain is in legit VOXELS and is destructible!!!

Also, even though this is an arcade flight sim,  there is a legit story that I recall enjoying.

In terms of missions it's not just mindless shooting of enemies - it's quite involved.

It's is not available on GOG, but with some searching it's possible to find archives of it if you know where to look



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So, I have a YouTube channel and website. Both are my username. That's not really super the point but...explains why I am here. I got Surface Tension from my mom. She finds me interesting games to add to my collection. I have a few thousand physical computer games.


After I get back home from my folks' place, I Google the game...and nothing. A Gamespot review, a Moby Games page but nothing really concrete. Also, no gameplay videos on YouTube besides a really compressed trailer. Thankfully the WayBackMachine archived the publisher's website so we got some info like original retail price.


During my research I was brought here. I see the poster only has 1 post and hasn't visited the site since then but, if you come back I am here to say that there is finally gameplay on YouTube!


I don't like advertising my own content on another creator's website so...this is mainly a celebration that another game has escaped the void. The...never to be seen again void. Even though I'm small, I am still glad the video is there so if someone for some reason searches the game up they'll find some content...no matter how amateurish the content lol.


Anyway that being said I low key wouldn't mind if Ross covered it...for one reason...he is a trooper.


When I don't like a game I can not finish it. If I don't enjoy it, I'm going to stop. However, Ross has beaten some horrible games. Since I am a wimpy crybaby (lol) I didn't even get past level 1. My boy Ross? He may get a little further! We may even see the end which I think only a handful of people have actually seen!


Anyway sorry for resurrecting an old post. I read the forum rules because I made an account because of this one post (I hope to stick around and talk more). I didn't see anything about bumping old posts. If I broke a rule, moderators I apologize!


Alright, I'm off to go cover more obscure games...or maybe popular ones...who knows!

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I remember this game laying in the shops back in the day because it had a similar style box as  Battlecruiser 3000AD, which was probably why I didn't buy it, that the only drawing looks like a pile of poo wouldn't have helped it either. 😂


Still, I was curious enough that I made a wishlist entry for it on gog.com.

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I distinctly remember playing a demo of this in the early 2000's. (when I found a pile of old demo CDs in the trash) I remember it being somewhat similar to Terminal Velocity or Hellbender. (both of which were made by Terminal Reality, along with the Fly! and Monster Truck Madness series' that I also played heavily) Was a more primitive engine graphically, but more advanced in the underlying technologies. (similar to the difference between Mechwarrior and Earthsiege)


I don't remember much more than that sadly.

Don't insult me. I have trained professionals to do that.

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