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  1. Gamepad support? I guess I can set them up on big picture at worst
  2. Man, Holocaust talk... I though you were just trying to save the forums!
  3. Extreme G-2, damn, reviews on the steam page argue that the port is so bad, no gamepad support; a very hasty as unpolished port. What do you think about it? I was kinda interested in revisiting it.
  4. You are never buying games even when you purchase physical copies. Upon checking his email, Tor said that he found an inactivity warning from Ubisoft in his spam folder dated January 20th. The email stated that his account had been temporarily shut down and will be permanently closed if he didn’t click the provided link within 30 days. While there’s a clause in Terms of Service that allows the company to suspend or close an account for inactivity, Ubisoft claims that what happened to Tor was a glitch and that they’ve never suspended an account that has been inactive for less than four years. Gotta love their defence "We do not close accounts for inactivity, I mean, we do, but only after 4 years of inactivity" as if that's actually acceptable.
  5. What can I say about it is that, gradualism subtends the idea of a slow but constant change over a long period of time with piecemeal reforms, not with a series of substantial leaps, each one of them happening as a direct result of a political movement strongly pushing for concessions. I am not sure how you did come up with the idea that the change was peaceful, since, Iceland had become a free and sovereign state in personal union with Denmark only after WWI, while WWI was not directly a war of independence for Iceland, the legitimacy of participation into that war was of course ground of contention, reinforcing nationalistic claims of independence. Also Iceland got invaded by the Britons in WWII, a Major energy event , and Iceland got it's independence thereafter, now as a thought experiment try to rerun the same experiment without 2 world wars. However yes, for what I know Iceland did not achieve independence through an arms struggle directed specifically at their rulers (Kingdom of Denmark), However their decisive diplomatic victories happened as a consequence of violence which substantially warped and destabilized many economies in the region including Denmark's; poor economical performance naturally leads to weakened political control on colonies, which strengthen nationalistic movements.
  6. I suspected it, so I've pinched his ass
  7. Not denying anything you said, however what I do find important to highlight that Iceland and Finland are never mentioned in discussions about Scandinavian social Democracies, they are never taken as models; Denmark and Sweden are the usual ones, and they are constitutional monarchies. Also I am pretty sure the change was not gradual in either Iceland nor Finland; here is a brief history of Iceland's independence from the University of Aarhus(Denmark), Iceland got its full Independence only after World War I. Furthermore Taken from the Swedish Constitution: ART. 1 • All public power in Sweden proceeds from the people. Swedish democracy is founded on the free formation of opinion and on universal and equal suffrage. It is realised through a representative and parliamentary form of government and through local self-government. ART 5 • The King or Queen who occupies the throne of Sweden in accordance with the Act of Succession shall be the Head of State. As far as I know you are correct about Britain; ultimately we should ask ourselves how come , We are considering monarchies as democracies. I guess even monarchs need their social Welfare huh.
  8. I would prefer to do them anyway for the time being, if you guys are inclined to permit me some kind of formatting liberty. I am also willing to assume that you people have discussed about it, and you are acting as ambassador, which gives you the ability to use "We" and not "I". To be fair the line spacing change due to First letter Drop Cap doesn't really excite me. There, I haven't done them this time as a mean to extend an olive branch to you.
  9. Excluding Finland and Iceland which managed to become independent in the early 20th century, all the famous Scandinavian countries that are usually looked at as social democratic models are actually Constitutional Monarchies similar to Britain.
  10. I'd argue that the Civil Rights movement of the 1960s has failed more than it has succeeded. Giving that it led to Neoliberalism, also, nowadays the economical Gap between rich and poor is bigger than in the Gilded Age; if incrementalism worked the US would probably have a national Healthcare system by now but it doesn't. Furthermore this is a classic quote from MLK himself: “This is no time to engage in the luxury of cooling off or to take the tranquilizing drug of gradualism.” I am also pretty confident there is also consistent evidence that the civil rights was much more radical in conception however both the HUAC and covert sabotage by the FBI and CIA have had a strongly attenuating effect on it to be light on the words, and after it was weakened the top down co-optation went into effect. Quoting Journalist Vance Packard (The Naked Society, early 1964) : Perhaps the most relentless inquisition of educators in the last few years occurred at the University of Florida in Gainesville. A gubernatorial candidate who happened also to head a committee of the state legislature moved his committee to Gainesville and for seven months conducted his investigation on the campus. Yale historian C. Vann Woodward, in reporting on the affair, related: “With the aid of lawyers, police, detectives, and paid informers, the committee dragged in hundreds of witnesses, mainly students, to testify against professors. Disclosures of political heresies were disappointing, but sexual deviations supplied headlines Ultimately the Civil Rights movement has been stifled, softened, re-moulded and co-opted into nothingness, just like environmentalism nowadays (for the most part, especially in the mainstream). There is extensive evidence that a sizeable chunk of late 60s musical revolution and countercultural fashion was a top down predicament, not the opposite.
  11. Damn, this was ahead of the times, just a couple years but yeah; Released in 2000, this was the sound of the mid noughties (00's) really, in hindsight, not a big fan. Definitely a Roland TR-909 plus probably a KORG Mono/Poly and that's it. Youtube comment section is loving it. Now I am gonna have to check what else in the teaches of Peaches.
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