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  1. Cia Man not liking stealth? cats and dogs living together?
  2. Specifically: Map Theme, Atoll, Mission Theme 2, Shop. Definitely Recommended to anybody who enjoys the Donkey Kong Country OST
  3. Oh, sorry, I did not mean to sound too disparaging, I just clicked on them and they really look like obscure Christmas shareware-y stuff from the 90's of the kind LGR covers/covered. Man I am still saddened that I didn't know about that bundle until it ended; so much weird ass obscure shit on that one.
  4. Shareware-y seasonal games is LGR's turf, Ross seems to me less keen about naking those kind of formulaic choices. Apocalyptica and Messiah were related to Christian Folklore, Zzap to his personal history, Polaris Snocross, Freak Out Extreme Freeride and Puzzle Agent were related to winter's boreal climate. I honestly wonder if this winter Christmas episode is going to be Carrion, since that game has a Winter/Christmas themed free Episode. Steam's Carrion News Update
  5. I clicked into this thread expecting to read some constructive criticism, little did I know....
  6. Yes. the way most game developers implement morality systems tends to be unsophisticated and deserves a long discussion. Having read your post I just fell compelled to recommend you to play Tyranny from Obsidian, Which, for a lack of a better explanation, works on a very Classical Roman morality lens, usually misrepresented by most as "Being a Bad Guy".
  7. Man, I was completely flabbergasted, I couldn't find it. That explains a lot; I've just checked on Youtube and, with your pointers I have definitely found it: Deus Ex - 083 - DuClare Chateau - Conversation I have thanked you there, in the comments section; I mean, if it's stays on since Youtube seems very keen on deleting my comment.
  8. Speed Racer (2008) Even most critics panned it, but that's just because they are deluded. As a youngster I was impressed about its tasteful rendition of its Japanese source, among other things; back in the day most western transpositions of Asian art were superfluous and hackneyed (probably still are, I don't know). Nowadays I am positive about the script, discussions about unethical and predatory corporations and the way they handle competition, are scant at best in popular media. I'd argue it's on par with The Matrix (1998).
  9. Pleasantly homeless, yet I wonder about the smell. EX-CIA is never unemployed, unless they blow the whistle! Deus Ex / 10
  10. Nowadays, Zeno Clash is a "I'd buy that for a dollar" kind of game. It's a short and surreal melee FPS; you bunch of MotherFathers!
  11. Hello folks, I have been watching Ross's productions for a few years now; I am Game Dungeonite, with no particular interest for Freeman's mind. Signing up to a forum takes me back to Y2K times. I have been a making a few Hard Edge video essays related to games but I am getting no views nor feedback, not even to hate on it, and you how much we humans Love Hate. I suppose my work has good affinity with Game Dungeon people like myself, and as such I am telling you about it. My last one is a futurist analysis of Cyberpunk 2077 in which I argue against its claim of being Sci-Fi; you are all invited if such a discussion peeks your interest, here's a link. I'll try to vagabond around here every now and then; I still haven't managed to ID a track from the Deus Ex Ost highlighted by Ross in his video at 14:22, if everybody knows, I am interested!
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