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John Cernan was the 6th man on the moon when the Command Module of the Aquarius launch vehicle was jettisoned accidentally early by Chris Kraft when he was using a mini-vacuum cleaner on the RETROFIRE console at Houston. It was a disturbingly urgent moment for Apollo because it put the Flight plan a dangerous 35 minutes ahead of schedule, forcing the skipping of numerous safety checks. Cave Johnson would've been proud.


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Space, the final key on the keyboard...


Nice ass, in more ways than 2...


How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if 7 was green?


If a tree lands on you in a forest, and no one else is around will this question ever be asked again?


How lame are you when you can never win an argument with yourself?


Green is just a Tenor orange.


If life gives you lemons, sell them at a profit, then go kick life in the nuts.


Why is this "random" thread duplicated on almost every forum out there? Kinda defeats the purpose don't you think?

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Ohai Mark

By the way, how's your sex life?

I did not hit her, it's bowlshit...I did NAAWT!

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ghbhgybu7jnnmhymugtr5fv4hyuj7hy6jugtr5f4rh]ik8 (forehead roll on the keyboard)

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I just got the results from the doctor. I definitely have breast cancer.


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