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Paratopic is in some weird genre territory. A psychological thriller/exploration game would be the best way to describe it, I guess? There aren't many overtly horror elements in it. It's a short but very bizarre experience that leaves you with more questions than it answers. I played through it 4 different times to get all the achievements and still don't completely understand the story.


It really captures that somber, melancholy feeling of listening to the radio while driving down an empty highway at night, though.


7/10 for what it is.



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This is, in theory, a horror game, but in practice it is about exploring the narrative: you'll spend half an hour playing it, and then several hours thinking about it, then maybe play it again to try something new or check if your theories seem correct. In short, it's Twin Peaks in Half an hour.

I liked it. I'd say it's good/great

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