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Hylics, Surreal RPG series made out of clay

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Hi all, so today I bring you a game series that's probably as unique as it gets: Hylics (no relation to the gnostic concept, kinda)


The first game was launched in the year 2015, as an RPGMaker game, but with a twist...


All the scenery, the npcs, even the moves, are animated using claymation and stopmotion, often compared to the Neverhood because of the claymation, Hylics is a little more esoteric and abstract than the Neverhood.

In a world where dynamite detonates with the force of an atomic bomb, snapping your fingers can reduce your enemies to bones, and the scenery and characters are as malleable as the clay they're made out of, Hylics 1 is a truly amazing and surreal game.

The soundtrack is also amazing, I cant really describe it except as a "very pleasant synthetic cacophony" 


The atmosphere, the gameplay, the music, everything feels otherworldly.

A downside to the game is that the npc dialogue is randomly generated, it's quite polarizing, for some people it either adds to the charm or detracts from the game, it's more of a personal issue though.


Recently  (and by recently I mean like a few hours ago) the second game just released, after being 5 years in the making, Hylics 2 is finally here!

Made in unity instead of RPGMaker, Hylics 2 seems like a direct upgrade from the first game, quadruple the lenght, gameplay and story, its basically the perfect game sequel


here are the links to both games



they're also available on itch.io









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Man, I'm sad no one else replied to this. I fucking love Hylics. It's such a great game with a great visual style and presentation to it. It's like a playable MTV bumper, mixed with Jojo's Bizarre Adventure and a Salvador Dali painting. I need to take some time out to play the sequel. I still havent.

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On 9/13/2020 at 5:27 PM, RaTcHeT302 said:

i didn't even notice the thread


i can't play this game though, it's too gross, the environments look like they are made out of actual human entrails and i don't think i could stomach it

Awww, but that's part of the charm! Everything's so wiggly!

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Lol, that's just the death animation. It happens whenever you get KO'ed in battle. Funnily enough you


don't really get punished for it, and can come back to life almost immediately,

in fact


"dying" multiple times is required to progress the story.


Honestly I find most of the music to be oddly calming.

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@RaTcHeT302 There is one track in Hylics I think has a wide appeal, it is somewhere in the middle of the OST but it is pretty funky.


It is called Xeno Arcadia, you should give it at least a listen: 

(Edit): If you do not like it right It is somewhat of an evolving track, it becomes more of a traditional piece comapred to the rest of the OST

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