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  1. Is that a Ken Penders issue? That looks like a Ken Penders issue.
  2. Ah, "eurojank". My favorite genre of videogame. I'm glad games of this type like Pathologic and Gothic are getting more recognition lately.
  3. As a player of the TRPG I'm disappointed they didn't put a Punknaught in the game.
  4. The fuck is this it looks incredible.
  5. The game G-String has a great synthwavy/atmospheric/cyberpunk soundtrack. The composer (who also made the rest of the entire game by themselves) also mixed the entire thing with cutscenes, dialog, and sound effects into a 5+ hour concept album retelling of the game itself on spotify, and some tracts are available on youtube. Spoilers for the game if you listen to the spotify version obviously.
  6. It's so bad though. Don't look at my play time of it. I recently beat this. I really enjoyed it but I feel like it's appeal will be strictly limited to weirdos like me.
  7. Huh. I didn't think that at first but now that you mention it I see the resemblance.
  8. Interesting game, reminds me of Myst.
  9. The original Marathon had areas you had to blow yourself up with explosives to reach.
  10. I've seen so many people say shit like "it gets good after hour 15!"
  11. Yeah I actually agree with this. Most "serious" SFM projects are really bad. This video: Pretty much sums up my feelings on the matter.
  12. Ooo, these are real good. This looked like my kinda thing. I'm gonna try it out this weekend.
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