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  1. You're not crazy. It really does happen, both with political and religious leaders, and even youtubers and instagram personalities. It's a very scary thing.
  2. Considering the Final Fantasy House was apparently a real thing, it's not the absolute dumbest thing I've heard, but I don't buy it. For starters, every time a piece of media mentions "pagans" at all, I get immediately suspect. The term "pagan" applies to so many different belief systems, everything from institutionalized religions, genuine cults, the mentally unwell, and edgy teenagers that like triggering their evangelical parents. As a person who has long studied religion and cults, you can't just say "PAGANS!!!" and run. You kinda have to be a little more specific than that. Second, the fact is there's really nothing all that "pagan" about the game. It's all just random spooky shit that's common in horror imagery. Even taking into account the most common "pagan" religions there's nothing that jumps out at me. And trust me. I would know. Third, this is also Midway, the company behind Mortal Kombat. They had a lot of violent properties.
  3. I'm not sure I want to use Bumblebee's taint as a mouse.
  4. Eh, I kinda want to divorce myself from microsoft and apple as much as my profession allows.
  5. It's not really a "turn your engine off while the car is running" it's more when you stop the car it won't start again since you tampered with it.
  6. Lol, that's just the death animation. It happens whenever you get KO'ed in battle. Funnily enough you in fact Honestly I find most of the music to be oddly calming.
  7. There are plenty of reasons why windows 10 is garbage. And don't misunderstand me, rainmeter is great and I love it for what it is, but it's not what Ross is looking for. And honestly I'm seriously considering building a linux machine. Maybe not my next computer, but the one after that, I'll consider it.
  8. I will never not be salty that Ennio Morricone never scored a videogame. Truly one of the greatest composers to have ever lived.
  9. It has been a while since I've watched it, but it's the only mind series other than Freeman's Mind that I've watched more than once. Which says a lot.
  10. That's part of what I meant. There are still ways to fix this stuff despite apples best efforts, but either way these are incredibly anti-consumer practices, and even genuinely unsafe? I can't imagine putting a system like that in a car.
  11. What I meant is that rainmeter isn't a replacement for explorer.exe. It's just a visual thing that runs on top of it like wallpaper engine. And like I said it's heavily dependent on the rainmeter and system you're using. If you're using a simple rainmeter and have a pretty beefy system then the effect will be negligible, but if you're using a potato, then it will definitely have an impact. What Ross was wanting was a shell replacement, one that will work even on a potato system.
  12. I really liked a lot of Shepard's Mind. Something about "I don't wanna do the dew" really stuck with me.
  13. It's called photoscanning, and you actually don't need a special device for it anymore, just a camera and some software.
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