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So this has been a problem for quite some time but I've only just now got around to addressing it.  I've lost access to my other account, WhenWorldsCollide2, because I lost the password to both the Accursed Farms account, the email address the account was linked to, and the backup email that the email address was linked to.

The first moral of this story is, never use mail.com.  The second moral of this story is, NEVER USE MAIL.COM!!!!

But aside, I am in need of help in retrieving that account, either by:

  1. Changing the address it's linked to;
  2. Merging my old account with my current account, as I've seen done on some other sites, or;
  3. Deleting the account altogether.

So yeah.  Now what do I do?

Well, you might say I'm losing focus, kind of drifting into the abstract...

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@CharlieHadron Sorry to hear that, can you DM me about it (preferrably with some proof because I don’t know if you’re a dog)? (Never mind, I can message you all the same.) Merging the accounts is perfectly doable.

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