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Mhh mhh! Absolutely fantastic game, albeit more of a sidescrolling puzzle adventure than a platformer. The game starts with a slow burn, but gives you a simple goal that keeps you moving forward through a story that just gets more tense the more diversions you're forced to confront. Sure, some of the puzzles along the way can get a tad convoluted, but pretty much everything stays somewhat reasonable (i.e. crush the baby with the tube to stop it from crying, but don't shoot it).

It ends in quite a satisfying way that also leaves you with enough questions to get excited for an already released sequel. In my opinion, both are well worth their time, and personally I can't wait for the third part in the trilogy.


Little sidenote, it's also available on the Nintendo Switch.


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Quit interesting and atmospheric piece. I liked the concept and, being an episode, it actually tells a complete story. The combat part is meh though. The puzzles are fine (compared to usual quest level of insanity)

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The puzzles were very much "fuck's sake, now it makes sense". Very much asking you to solve a puzzle, but hiding the puzzle pieces behind a hidden panel behind a sofa in a disused secret room with no plans on how to get there.


And the controllers were acting up the whole time for me. I hope that's fixed on the sequel because ARID's evolution from AI doing her job to "oh, I am alive" is terrifyingly good. And the trailer for the sequel really got me interested.

If only the aim would be automatic to the direction you're looking at, rather than controlled by the mouse direction. I feel DEX did the controls a lot better. And the music.

Regardless, recommended!

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Just finished The Fall 2: Unbound.


Getting better! Story built a crescendo that didn't quite land, but still a very enjoyable and haunting ride. While you didn't know what was going on exactly. I think this game benefits from you looking at the trailer before hand.


But those fucking controls. And puzzles.


At least the moon logic is out of the window. Replaced with mostly "click on everything". Yet, the game doesn't let you click, instead following a broken "character looks at where mouse is, but mouse is invisible" thing. I would often click on my second screen and come out of the game. Broken. But if you can power through that, it's five-six hours of sci fi delight, with great voice acting that really does carry some wonderful AI personalities.


Just, man, those controls...



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