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Videochat October 2016

October chat with fans. Sometimes I feel like I’m going a little crazy when I do these. This was one of those times.

Next Planetside 2 session (Emerald Server) October 15th, 2pm EST.
Next videochat will be 4pm EST on November 5th.
Both will be on twitch.tv/rossbroadcast.

Previous videochats are here:

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Here's the latest videochat, I had a few more announcements this time:


-More Game Dungeons coming, one in the next few days, at least one more for Halloween, hopefully more than that.


-The game The Crew (an open world driving game) is free to download and own permanently until October 11th. I encourage anyone interested to grab it and hopefully crack it in the long term, as I think this game is going to be killed within 4 years.


-If you're a graphic designer interested in submitting layout ideas for the website redesign, go ahead and email me ([email protected]).


-Alternately, if you have a legal background on consumer law for any European countries (or any other country that has relatively strong consumer laws), go ahead and email me also, as I'm trying to determine if the current practice of killing games that people have paid money for technically violates some laws in some countries.


-Assuming I get done with the Game Dungeon episodes early, I'm considering doing something on Twitch for Halloween if anyone has any ideas.


I think my mind may have been a bit scrambled for the rest of the video, but maybe not, I'll let you be the judge.



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Hey I was just thinking about this and suddenly this video showed up.

I have a question for the next one, do you remember the first time you played half life and how was that?

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If anyone is here because they immediately went to Steam and searched for "The Crew" only to find that it's still $30, you must not have scrolled down to see the first review, which provides a link to the Ubisoft Club page where The Crew is being offered for free until Oct 11th:


(There will be a new free game each month until December.)


I'm not certain, but I think the free copy may only be available for Uplay rather than Steam.

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So, speaking of turn based combat, what do you think of turn-based combat that actually lets you do defense as well, like the Mario and Luigi and Paper Mario series?

In those games, you can block attacks and improve your own attacks with carefully timed button presses. It's more fun than it sounds.

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If anyone is here because they immediately went to Steam and searched for "The Crew" only to find that it's still $30, you must not have scrolled down to see the first review, which provides a link to the Ubisoft Club page where The Crew is being offered for free until Oct 11th:


God bless you.

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I assume I can post questions for the November update here?


1) Given the disparaging comments about YouTube poop (or "spazzanimation") you made in previous videochats, I've got the impression that you aren't especially keen on so-called "internet humour". Is there any kind of humour that is ubiquitous to the internet (i.e. webcomics, comedy Youtube channels, memes, etc) that you like, and if so can you name a few examples?

2) Although I suspect that I know your answer already, subjectively between ghosts and zombies which of the two do you find the most disturbing and frightening prospect? I only ask because I've been having this debate with a close friend of mine on-and-off for about a month now. He is very much on the side of zombies whereas I'm leaning towards ghosts. We decided to defer to your ineffable wisdom on the subject.

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Time index



01:16 – for newcomers

02:40 – for the N+1-th time: Freeman's mind will resume

03:13 – next videochat Nov 5th, 4PM EST; next Planetside session Oct 15th, 2PM EST

04:13 – this Halloween there will be no Ross's top scary movies list

05:20 – the donation counter is temporarily broken

05:46 – impending redesign of the site, suggestion to share ideas

06:34 – plans to start up a Game Dungeon “outsourced” fork

07:25 – The Crew is free until Oct. 11th

10:25 – shoutout to a fan who sent Ross $700 worth of PC parts

11:24 – plans to do a Halloween play session on Twitch

01:40:00 – anyone familiar with consumer laws in Europe/New Zealand please contact Ross


Pre-submitted questions

12:25 – what's Ross's favorite shade of blue

12:41 – do you believe in free will?

13:58 – T-shirts

14:41 – opinion on Eitr; discussion about ripping off other games' ideas (e.g. Zynga)

17:17 – covering Nintendo emulated games in Game Dungeon

18:57 – stalkers and Ross's opinion on privacy

22:11 – technical issues in Deus Ex

24:39 – opinion on modern AAA titles

27:57 – does Ross really hate turn-based combat

30:02 – does Ross always write scripts for Game Dungeon

30:33 – thoughts about the upcoming 3rd anniversary of Game Dungeon

31:34 – getting in contact with CD Project about using the Witcher assets in The Movie

32:25 – using motion capture for animating The Movie

34:20 – what inventions does Ross consider to be proof of human genius

36:10 – how did Ross make those giant screenshots of game maps in Revenant and Spiderbot episodes of GD

38:05 – advices to immerse yourself into a game

41:27 – showing the top stuff that Ross got after his “Ross's Big Birthday Video”

42:30 – opinion on YouTube “Heroes” system

48:28 – opinion on Windows 10 and its forced updates

54:09 – Vivendi taking over Ubisoft

55:28 – opinion on Steam Greenlight

59:14 – Freeman's (as portrayed by Ross) favorite game

01:00:12 – Ross's physical ticks

01:01:18 – what type of soldier would Ross be if he had to participate in a battle

01:05:00 – what class of fictional power would Ross choose

01:05:50 – which part of the editing process Ross likes and hates

01:07:31 – Application Dungeon (a one-off episode about bizarre programs)

01:08:22 – is Ross invited to other YouTube shows

01:09:29 – favorite games from Sierra Online

01:10:40 – Ross's challenges any gamepad fans to fight him in an FPS

01:12:13 – new King's Quest coming out

01:13:56 – opinion on episodic gaming

01:14:11 – opinion on game re-imaginings

01:15:26 – what sort of offset should magic and the supernatural have to balance them out within their respective works

01:17:23 – are zombies overdone in popular media at this point

01:20:13 – what Game Dungeon episodes would be good as introduction for newcomers

01:22:01 – how does Ross store all his game footage


Online questions

01:23:23 – which college did Ross go to + advices for high-scoolers

01:27:27 – the ideal Eidos game + Cyberpunk 2077

01:29:06 – thoughts on binge watching

01:30:47 – thoughts on Autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR)

01:31:43 – Planescape: Torment

01:31:50 – Zombie Panic! Source

01:35:21 – Hero, Villain or Legend?

01:35:52 – Game Dungeon requests

01:36:05 – going to live concerts

01:36:30 – favorite game of STALKER series

01:36:56 – advices on making your own Game Dungeon series

01:38:11 – opinion on base-building RTS

01:38:33 – opinion on Elon Musk and his Mars mission

01:39:32 – Battlefield 2 and Battlefield 2142 revival

01:41:40 – games in which the protagonist is a zombie (also 01:49:50)

01:42:22 – making Game Dungeon videos at a faster rate

01:42:39 – shorter vs larger games for Game Dungeon

01:43:24 – anti-goat discrimination in video games

01:44:14 – Ross's 5-year lag in playing games

01:45:18 – Ross's reaction if he had a cactus for a leg

01:45:51 – gameplay vs narrative

01:46:52 – where does Ross get all the obscure news

01:48:56 – using Ross's likeness in internet jokes

01:50:32 – advices for people suffering from depression

01:53:16 – Hollywood approach to game development

01:56:10 – what would you lucid dream about if the whole world was the map to explore?

01:56:28 – mysterious suitcase on top of the shelf behind Ross

01:56:51 – No Man's Sky false advertising

01:57:55 – favorite class in most fantasy games

01:59:31 – RAID-0 vs SSD

02:00:44 – will Valve continue making games

02:01:28 – spending money on space exploration vs on improving Earth infrastructure

02:04:29 – how's Ross's progress on Rama series

02:06:14 – would it be less corruption if elected politicians weren't paid but provided with pre-determined luxuries

02:09:03 – is AAA industry sustainable

02:09:36 – chocolate chips vs computer chips

02:10:06 – what would Ross do if aliens landed on his lawn

02:11:00 – puns about kittens

02:11:21 – ExitMundi.nl website

02:12:20 – advice for someone who just started university

02:13:13 – how would Ross name his band and what would he play

02:13:53 – spending your life on video games

02:16:04 – what is Magda doing now

02:16:43 – aliens among us

02:17:29 – mind-travelling to anywhere on Earth

02:19:30 – using games to teach kids

02:20:03 – new control schemes for VR

02:20:50 – returning to Gordon Freeman's hairstyle

02:21:07 – Ross's video on peak oil

02:21:38 – Ross's Polish

02:21:46 – being a record holder

02:22:56 – opinion on piracy

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Just caught up on the video chat. Ross, I think you should perhaps consider taking a break from these, even if it's just one month. I don't know if you were fried or frazzled from working on videos, but eh, in the last couple of video chats I've sensed frustration and tiredness. The chats are usually awesome and I don't want them to become a monthly "chore" that you get sick of and ditch. I know you do them as an update and a "thanks" to fans for sticking around, and that's nice, but no one would begrudge you a break. It also might help to refresh the questions a bit.


Just a thought! :)

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Ross, I think you should perhaps consider taking a break from these, even if it's just one month.


I fully agree. AFAIU the whole idea of videochats was to show up from time to time while working on The Movie, instead of just going completely silent for a year or two. Since Ross did not go silent and instead continued to deliver episode after episode of GD, I think there is no point in having these videochats so often, like it's a chore. 3-4 times a year is more than enough to answer really worthwhile questions (instead of "do you eat potatoes", "what's your favorite shade of blue" and "will you do Freeman's Mind 2").

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hey Ross, I have a few questions

1. Are there any games that you miss not being able to play since they were console exclusive? The Shenmue Games for example?

2. Now that the first Deadrising has a PC release do you think that other series such as Red Dead and Halo will have all of its titles on PC as well?

3. Have you ever read Stephen Kings Dark Tower and if so what is your opinion on the coming movie? (no spoilers pls only on book 6)

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