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  1. Finally, a game I've already played has appeared on the Game Dungeon.
  2. I figure I'd might as well submit something. First, something horrible has happened in Half-Life: Secondly, in San Andreas, it seems CJ has crashed his car:
  3. I had a college class once with Tyler, he was pretty cool. He once pulled his laptop out and started playing TF2 in the middle of class once.
  4. I wondered for years what the last episode would be like, and here it is. My favorite part was the credits, because of the technical stuff. I have nothing to say but good job, Ross.
  5. I actually ran some tests with SrcDemo² once, to compare Ross's motion blur method to it's. Here's a small screenshot comparison: I find Ross's method looks better.
  6. It's probably going to be regular Half-Life 2. The die-hard Half-Life fans would probably kill Ross if he used the Cinematic Mod.
  7. In six years, Ross made 51 episodes of Half-Life. Valve made 0. Ross wins.
  8. They seem to like to upload Freeman's Mind on Fridays.
  9. He'd probably be like "Sweet! Finally, someone with drugs."
  10. The animations look wobbly, but it's impressive.
  11. But BM:S is supposed to make more sense. To me, some of the funniest things about Freeman's Mind is when Freeman complains how stuff doesn't make any sense. Like the box-smashing room.
  12. Freeman's attitude is what makes the series so funny in the first place.
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