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  1. thx Ross!! the giant nutcracker room was just awsome
  2. jo latni, h ennyi magyar van errefele. amugy engem is nagyon erdekelne, h mi akart az a par szo lenni. mert vagy 20x meghallgattam es semmir magyarnak hangzot, nem hallottam ki.. amugy ti nem hallottatok "bimm bamm"-ot? Ross: pls don't think the hungarians are pissed off or something, like that... only we're curious about what did those words suppose to be, that's all
  3. Hungarian? well i'm hungarian but it didn't make any sense to me gonna check on it once again Edit: Ross! could you please describe what was that hungarian part suppoed to be? coz i checked that part out like a hundred times and still can't hear out any hungarian thing even any not hungarian sound of the words or the language i'm curious maybe i heard some "Bimm Bamm!" but i'm not sure
  4. cool! if you have buddies on steam who like FM, pls invite them too
  5. well really thanks, but you should only appreciate the hard work of Ross what i do is nothing.. just trying to help people up to date be welcome!
  6. FM's about 3 or so, but my favorite episodes i have watched like 30 times at least! i've watched all CP episodes about 10 times each
  7. thanks for that it was pretty hard work to collect as many people as the group has today.. (it's only about 400 now, but still) well i try my best, but recently i can't check it every day and the e-mail notifications from accursedfarms sometimes delay a bit. but i'm trying to keep you guys notified in time if there are news
  8. Black Mesa = Giant Funhouse of a ventilation system "we have so many dead bodies, they are hangig down from the ceiling now.. and the ceiling eats them! i guess it works" but i could pick hundreds of them
  9. For everyone who loves Freeman's Mind series and would like to join to the biggest and oldest group on Steam dedecated to FM http://steamcommunity.com/groups/freemanmind Everyone is welcome, it's a public group. Only one note: pls don't just invite strangers until you're sure they like Ross Scott's stuff! Have fun! And Ross: thanks for the forum and all the hard work!
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