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  1. ...issues aside, I can never NOT laugh at one of Oney's videos. This is no exception. Also, I just noticed the Majin symbol on the executive's head.
  2. An alright episode. However, one thing keeps bugging me about this: Freeman never lets the soldiers and aliens fight it out. He just runs in and guns down everyone. I think that there could be some potential for jokes when Freeman sees the soldiers actually do something.
  3. I never knew why, but he always reminded me of Frank West from Dead Rising, combined with a little bit of Sam Stone from Serious Sam. Except he's quite a bit smarter. Really, I have no idea why he reminds me of them, but its probably his reaction to the various weird things he sees.
  4. A pretty funny episode for the most part, even if he really didn't do anything but walk around in circles for 8 minutes. I always love hearing about Freeman's background before the Black Mesa incident, like repeatedly hitting on 'Heather', it's so interesting and hilarious hearing about how such a weird person would function in the real world. My only real complaint was his surprisingly nonchalant reaction to a mouth hanging from the ceiling and eating people.
  5. I think he's both too smart and a bit too callous to be similar to Mike and Dave.
  6. In episode 34, Freeman concluded Black Mesa was run by a bond villain. So there you go.
  7. I never understood it either. Even if the bullet was incredibly tiny, the pure force would've made sure he was missing at least half his ear. My personal theory is that's what happened and he just doesn't know it, not having a mirror or anything. Now that I think about it, the cover art for Half Life 2 should look a lot different. Half of Freeman's ear should be off, he should have dents all over his suit (and under the dents are bruised flesh), he should have a bruise on his head from being bludgeoned, he should have a face full of scars fro being bitten so many times, etc.
  8. When he had amnesia, and commented on all the bruises and scars all over him from being shot, bludgeoned, and bitten so many times, I think he would've at least mentioned that he was missing half his ear. In fact that's probably the first thing I'd notice if I was him.
  9. You guys might want to see this: http://www.cracked.com/photoplasty_204_if-real-life-worked-like-role-playing-game/
  10. I've counted, and it seems like Gordon speaks English, German, Haitian Creole, Hindi, and Spanish. Do you think he actually knows these languages, or just a few phrases? How does he know all these languages? Also, what does he say in Haitian (episode 12) and Hindi? The spanish is very easy to translate since I learned spanish as simple as this back in Middle School (Yo quiero un poco drogas. Estan dondes? Tengo dinero = I want some drugs. Where are they? I have money), and someone was kind enough to translate the German (show me the money), but I have't seen anyone know what he says in Haitian or Hindi.
  11. I don't think anyone's answered why he hasn't referenced the fact that he's missing half his ear, which I too am kind of curious about.
  12. You have to remember he never picked up any ammo. That and Ross is trying to be realistic here, and it's not realistic to pull out a revolver in the middle of a firefight when you have an MP5. Even if the Magnum kills/incapacitates in one shot, and the MP5 takes three, the MP5 is a machine gun, meaning it will take down multiple soldiers faster before one throws a grenade/a stray bullet hits his head. It just makes more logical sense since logically a revolver and pretty much any handgun is useless when compared to an SMG, shotgun, assault rifle, or pretty much anything else.
  13. Nice job hiding in a corner like you're five years old, I'm so proud of you.
  14. You sure did a nice job running straight through those tripmines! I'm so proud of you.
  15. While I don't agree with everything you say, I do think he should at least know what he's doing when gets to Xen. It would really bug me if he kills a giant alien abomination and saves the world by an accident. On an unrelated note, how will Ross actually get Freeman to Xen? It's just not in character. Will he just decide to be a hero and go? No, probably not, that's not in character. Will he just go insane and jump through? Maybe, it would be make a little sense. Will he just talk over the scientist while he tells him what the portal does, ignoring his warnings, think it leads to the surface, and just jump through? Most likely, since that's actually pretty in character, though I hope that doesn't happen. It would be really stupid on his part.
  16. Nah, it's definitely 20. I've tried numerous times, and its pretty close to what he's using. Under normal circumstances, a bullsquid has 40 health, and a 9mm weapon does 8 damage (the means 5 shots to put it down). In Freeman's Mind, the episode where he is in the freezer I think, he kills a bullsquid with two shots from his pistol. Later, the soldiers appear drop with about 3 shots (they have 50 health. 20 + 20 + 20 = 60. 60>50. Simple enough?). So yeah, definitely 20. Don't know what he's using for the shotgun, though my guess is sk_plr_buckshot_dmg 15 (a shotgun discharges 6 pellets at 5 damage each normally).
  17. Idiot, of course there are people on the surface... a squad of their own troops.
  18. My absolute favorite quote in this series, and perhaps, my favorite quote in anything ever, is Freeman's over the top reaction to the bombing on the surface in episode 13: "WHY ARE WE BOMBING? There's nobody here! Why are the soldiers bombing each other? Is this real? I JUST WANNA GO HOME! Everyone is crazy except me. (gets shot at) I don't understand! Why is everyone trying to kill me? I'm awesome! Are you all jealous? Shooting at people isn't very nice! Give peace a chance! Or at least hold still! (returns fire when suddenly more bombs drop) Oh god more bombs more bombs more bombs... QUIT RAINING ON MY PARADE! This is bullshit, this is exactly why we have a security department. (gets shot at more) To prevent things like this from happening! (more bombs drop) THIS IS THE WORST RESCUE OPERATION IN HISTORY! I'M REPORTING ALL OF YOU!"
  19. Yes, but I'm talking about later (episode 22 I think?) where he says "I can't live with that. Like, literally" when faced with a machine gun turret, but apparently shrugs off being shot dozens of time by soldiers.
  20. I kind of don't get what Freeman's suit can block and what it can't block. Apparently dozens of 9mm rounds simply bounce off, and Vortigaunt shocks, Bullsquid poison, headcrabs, and Houndeye blasts just sort of annoy him (shouldn't the Vort's shocks travel through his suit and exit through his head and knock him out?). But apparently grenades, fire, machine gun turrets, falling from great heights, getting smahsed by a really big monster, barnacles, and tripmines can kill him. What's going on, is what does effect him and what doesn't just chosen at random? Or is it only stuff that can effect his head? Why can a machine gun turret kill him but a soldier with a machine gun can't? On a similar note, how will future threats like tank shells, miniguns on helicopters, alien grunts, the controllers, and the Nihilianth's electric balls effect him, because I recall that most of those things gib you in game.
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