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  1. Well I'm thinking about doing something sufficiently stupid. How is everyone this lovely November 1st?
  2. The world will end when no one expects it to.
  3. lol, Thanks Ian. It's good to be back.
  4. Welcome back, sister. Heyy! Missed ya =]
  5. Wondering how someone who notoriously doesn't drink just got drunk two nights in a row. My head hurts.
  6. Thanks She's not running yet, there's an electrical problem of some sort. We're getting there, though. I think.
  7. Basically this. I have little to no desire to ever revive it after like... this post.
  8. My life updates in pictures: A. How I clean house 2. My cat, Pixel D. My new bunny (No name yet. Taking suggestions.) 42. '68 Mustang project car. She's in pretty rough shape, but getting better day by day.
  9. Haven't been drawing much. A few tattoo commisions, but I don't post those. Otherwise, some practice painting or what have you.
  10. Sounds about right on the button. I haven't actually lurked much, surprisingly. Usually I'm pretty famous for that around forums, but for some reason I totally stopped going to forums for a while. Too much drama, really. Another forum I used to frequent for a long time was making my life kind of ridiculous. I decided to make myself scarce to avoid more of it. *shrug*
  11. Thank you Nice to see you again.
  12. ...Sure? lol. In all honesty, I really have no idea why there's such an obsession for that show. Never seen it, admittedly, but I digress.
  13. @Dash; Well, in that case, nice to meet you. @Nagisa; I am awesome. I joined quite a while back. I was pretty frequent after the forum had first gone up, but phased out pretty quickly (lots of life related nonsense kept me busy). Dunno how else to really describe myself, lol.
  14. The Occupy movement is determined to bring reform to the U.S. government by abolishing tax cuts for the rich, restricting the political power of corporations, reducing the cost of private education, etc etc. Basically, we want to cut spending, increase government revenue, begin working to eliminate the deficit, and make the system more fair by taxing equally by proportion, etcetc. There are a lot of issues, but those seem to be the major ones. I'm in a tl;dr mood, so I read essentially two sentences of all the comments above. So I'll keep this brief. All I'll say, is that I support the Occupy movement completely. I'm attending a protest or two later today, and I'm working with a friend to create a Freelance Journalism kinda thing to spread the real news (since there are media blackouts all over the place, or false rumours painting us in a bad light). I tend to keep feelings about something this serious to myself, so I'm not going to pour out my heart and beliefs here at the moment. If anyone wants to ask me specific thoughts on something pertaining, I'll gladly answer. I believe this has the potential to become a major revolution. The number of supporters grow every day, and I intend to stick to this until the end. I am the 99%.
  15. I'm going to have to steal that name :/ Thief! It is cute as hell though, right?!
  16. I do believe so. Alternatively it happened like, directly after I disappeared off the face of the planet. Edit; On a side note, I need to get a bit more sleep. I've got protests to attend to later on, and I don't think it'd be in my best interest to pass out on the sidewalk. I'll be back later though
  17. Well doesn't that look familiar. Glad you enjoy some of my mediocre work In other news: My desktop.
  18. I like all animals, really. For whatever reason I feel a bit stronger towards cats, though, since they have a similar demeanor to myself I guess. Dogs are wonderful for affection. I have a kitten named Pixel, a dog named Boo (who sadly doesn't live with me, he lives at my moms) and I just got a rabbit, who's name is currently undecided.
  19. Not the first time it's happened to me, let me assure you.
  20. It's 7am. It's already hot as balls outside, here in wonderful Florida. That's paradise for ya.
  21. Ah, so that's the culprit! I feel honoured to be remembered well enough to be mentioned. I also have no idea how anyone found my DA. I don't recall posting it anywhere >.>
  22. Welcome, 30 or some odd pages worth of new members. I'm the resident succubus and argued to be the only girl on the internet. Please leave your souls at the door and don't step on the momeraths.
  23. @Ludwick; Thanks for the clarification. And thank the lord on the signature thing. That drives me nuts. @Axel; I'm sure that can be disputed, however, I still retain the motor skills to type, so that's always a positive sign. Someone recently found me on Deviantart, that was from here. Not 100% sure exactly who that was, but it made me wanna pop in and see how the fort was holding up. Hopefully I'll come by more often.
  24. lol Oh lord. I feel like I'm going to be utterly confused for a while. Not to mention, theres an onslaught of newer users who I never had the chance to meet.
  25. Congrats, and thanks! Good to be back, if I don't say so myself.
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