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  1. QuietGrave

    General Chat

    8th grade science class was pretty much just Bill nye and NOVA.
  2. QuietGrave

    The Reputation System

    The Moderation staff is discussing the usefulness and implementation of the Reputation system, and would like the members feedback relating to it. As a result of many users' rep fluctuating, the Staff has been discussing the possibility of it being changed or taken down, altogether. The poll won't give us a %100 definite answer on what we're going to do, but it will give us an idea. Please post your feedback, along with voting in the poll.
  3. QuietGrave

    Forums issues and improvements.

    Yes, everyone is getting those. It's being dealt with.
  4. QuietGrave

    Our place in History

    That was all over NPR. He's lucky he didn't leave his hillbilly state, or he would've got his ass beat by the angry hippies.
  5. QuietGrave

    Bad games with good music

    No, the Xbox 360 version and the PS2 version are two different stories altogether. The XBox 360 version is just "Call of Duty 2" and you can play as like, 3 different people in different parts of the war. In the PS2 version, it's called "Call of duty 2: Big Red One" and you are a single person in the American "Big red one" branch. The story in the PS2 version is better, in my opinion. But we're getting a little off-topic.
  6. QuietGrave

    Post what you're doing right now

    Mine keeps fluctuating between -5 and -8. And on one day it was actually -9! It's just a number next to your avatar. On the topic of this thread, I'm actually discussing with the other Mods to have the Reputation system removed.
  7. QuietGrave

    Google is our friend - Mayan Calendar

    I thought Ross was pretty clear he didn't want to hear shit about the Mayans and their voodo-calendar. I say it's just a conspiracy, or the Mayans died before they could finish the calendar.
  8. QuietGrave

    The single most awesome moment in your life

    Me: "Mommy, Where do babies come from?" Mother: "Santa"
  9. QuietGrave

    Half-Life Character Lookalikes...

    I always kind of THOUGHT that, but assumed it was just me.
  10. QuietGrave

    Pepsi or Coke?

    That's actually all that I ever drank as a kid. The corner store on the base had Coca-colas for $3.95 but RC Colas were $0.65. Kind of a no-brainer.
  11. QuietGrave

    The Quest for the Midnight Snack

    My love....
  12. QuietGrave

    Your Favorite TV Show

    You mean season 9, it isn't even scrubs anymore. It actually was supposed to be a completely different show but ABC(i think thats the one) wanted it to be called scrubs to leech of of it's views. I saw it on Netflix, It even had JD in the beginning. I would never watch anything past season six.
  13. QuietGrave

    Snack foods

    In Canada, they have dried Maple wood that people just up and eat. It's like the innermost part of the tree. It tastes good though...
  14. QuietGrave

    General Chat

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gB4MNu6W9sg SALAD YUMMY YUMMY
  15. QuietGrave

    Dream Sharing


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