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  1. ZeosPantera, I need to ask you to resize the images in the main post and the recent post to, at the most, 800x600.
  2. That's an Administration thang. Us little enforcers don't have any power over that. (Nor do we care, it doesn't happen to us.)
  3. I would ask if you wanted to play against me, But I don't have my mouse. I would whoop your ass with some Protoss.
  4. Don't you get it yet? Ross is doing a machinima.... OF HIMSELF
  5. We're cool as cucumbers bro. Cooooool as cucumbers.
  6. No u. Ocarina of time was probably what molded my gaming tastes. That and Star Fox 64.
  7. Ocarina of time was my childhood. It remains my adulthood...
  8. Between me an Bjossi, I don't think any spambots have been unpunished within the first 12 hours of their posts. But if you know of any, please feel free to report them. I asked the staff if they'd promote some people to section Mods. FYI.
  9. I use the DOSBox to play Warcraft and WarCraft 2 all the time.
  10. Genetic memory doesn't exist, and those places likely won't last till someone else discovers them. I meant that metaphorically, It's called the immortality protocol or something, I saw it on "Life after humans". That's a great series.
  11. Where have you been? Everywhere but IAU's sites... And Pluto.
  12. Well, it's just because the topic at hand is Humanity over other animals. If it said something like "Americans over other animals", It would be in FFA.
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