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  1. http://www.friendshipismagic.org/forum/f10/my-aspiration-3951/#post88699 The top was because my essay wascdeletedcrepeatedly. Please read the bigass paragraph (essay?) below. You can't miss it, you can tell it's me, and YES. I'm a brony. AND I'm still using Calenders awesome signature.
  2. with my video, regardless of dates they occurrd, these things certainly happened. Riot troops at a park? Honestly? That was clearly an organized police action, all to arrest people at a park? And with your wiki article, I noted that the senator himself was telling the officers not to arrest him, but they did and nobody stopped them.
  3. Dear god after watching that I want to work out nonstop for ten years, punch a whole in a brick wall, then spontaneously grow a massive ion cannon to fuck up those riot troop BASTARDS near the 55 minute mark. This, coupled with bill S.587 or whatever it's called, the scandals I keep learning about, and seething 14-year old rage, I wanna rip some police heads off NOW. If you trust governments and police, WATCH THIS. And is all of it really real?
  4. Watch out for plants, they suck your blood!
  5. A project like this would be more effective as a small squad project, not a full blown army. Creating 5 or 6 super clones with dense skin, higher intellect, stronger bones and muscle mass could help in covert military ops.
  6. Now we can work on me!!! Clik eet naio.
  7. He decides that going to work isn't even worth the effort, so he goes inside and watches accursed videos all day Procrastination is everythings solution
  8. Osama tries to teach us a lesson, we learn it and forget it a few years later, Osama dies, we get arrogant again, just so happens that he dies before 10th 9/11 anniversary, on 9/11/11 we get bombed again, 10 years of misery, some leader dude dies. Yey, arrogance.
  9. Yeah, like I've said, I only post crap like this when I feel resolving upset about some things in my life which go horribly wrong. I can get a little "Internet high" where I post sad, stupid things which Inlook back on later. This was made over a week ago, and I've felt better ever since. I think it's better to let it die so I can stop feeling embarressingly stupid whenever I read it. To sum it up, I can be an ass on occassion because of stress.
  10. Its better when you reach a balance of silliness and seriousness as a person, it makes you a likeable mature user in fact, I think I'm done with the random thread, it feels like it's dragging me down on the matureness ladder.
  11. So do guns, fish, bats, chainsaws, monkeys small animals school buses lions tigers bears hippopotamus laughter people fists umbrellas and everything at Walmart!
  12. It means I can't be seen on the Internet and in school, thanks for the self esteem boost. You forgot to call me the crimson chin, however.
  13. I have a strong distaste for cartoons. -_- Buht das ok eef u lik dem.
  14. Ross Scott has such believable voice acting, I can't imagine him as being anywhere else other than underground fighting aliens, screaming his head off. Freeman's character has been SET Ross!
  15. You think that's shocking? I have no steam account, no PC, unless that's just a run of the mill computer, play FPS on the PS3, and don't download anything. I also have no idea how to do anything cool on the internet like draw, hack, program, etc. Now somebody revive him.
  16. Ah, forums. They r so speshul rite? Yet it's so easy to completely wreck yourself. This isn't about marveling at how we control those horrible impulses to do insane things, (just me? REALLY?) but, if you could say anything that would not be taken seriously, what would it be? And what would you say is the worst most reputation ruining thing you could say?
  17. I don't think they really are. They're just people who're frustrated and bored and want to shock people. Don't let people get away with something horrible no matter what.
  18. Stop photoshopping, everyone knows it's a submachine nuke, rapid fire, close quarters, doomsday weapon.
  19. Even neutrinos can't penetrate some skulls. Like BTG's. "When common sense doesn't penetrate someone's skull, use a bullet instead." Quoted from myself.
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