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  1. Is it bad that the first thing that came to mind when I read this was Dark Summoning Circle and sacrificing a baby lamb?
  2. = \ Off topic fun wrecking.... edit: Hey, don't just go and remove your post. Now I just look crazy... Well, I'm sure I looked crazy before, but this doesn't help my case at all.
  3. Blah! This is getting beside the point! Longer game = More space to fill in = More lines of dialog. If by the time Ross finished FM HL1 and feels that he's running out of jokes, why on earth would he start FM HL2? It would be fated to die right smack in the middle, and we'd have nothing but crying fans left over. It's kinda like that movie you love, but some big Hollywood company went and made two sequels to make more money and not only did they suck, but they just go and ruin the story you love so much. Well, this isn't getting done for money, but sometimes you just gotta let stuff end. I don't want to be watching FM episodes to the point where I finish it and say "Haaaaaaaaaaaa..... yeah....", so again, it's still a "we'll have to wait and see" kind of thing.
  4. I've got a fast computer, levels load in less than 10 seconds, and I still say it's longer. Has anybody ever walked through the game, and given how fast Ross Scott moves Gordon Freeman, it's going to take even longer. Only 3 or 4 complaints on wanting to get out of that fun house of a facility? Even if I'm not going to go through and count them all, I can tell you off the bat that there is significantly more than that. Overall, I'm sure it can be done, but it could just as easily not be done.
  5. No, don't say that. Now the 4 months jokes are just going to flood in now. People love the opportunities to show everybody that they're witty. They'll never shut up. 10 hour later edit: What, nobody? I can think of several on my own right now... I guess people realize that they're just not witty. It really is a good thing.
  6. I dunno... I'm not throwing my vote to the "no" section, but the time it takes to travel through levels in Half-Life 2 is kinda long. It's going to take a great deal of dialog to fill everything in. The Black Mesa facility in HL1 has it's quirks that are easy to make fun of, but HL2 most of everything makes sense, despite the futuristic settings. I'd be concerned that the series will run dry. Even though I'd love to see it, I've always had my doubts in it happening. FM2 really is a "we'll have to wait and see" kind of thing.
  7. Ninja Turtles and the Pope would have teleported in. Things would have gotten weird. Especially if the Pope started hugging peoples faces.
  8. ekBJgsfKnlw Try explaining to a four year old child how your nose WON'T fall off while eating paper clips. I wouldn't believe you. First you'd have to eat a bowl full of paper clips. You'd probably have stomach pains simply from the fact that they're paper clips, then have to go to the hospital and have doctors laugh at you. Then they'll put you through all the psychiatric assessments, trying to figure out whether you're "fit for society", when all you're trying to do is prove a four year old wrong. Science fails... Muppets fail...
  9. I remember when I was a child, there was this one muppet that scared me, and that's Beaker... This guy... He was always the victim of terrifying experiments, and he always talked in meeps. In fact, I think Beaker here is the reason I stayed the hell away from any career in the science field. This one's lived through many random explosions. Anyways, it's episode 23 of Freeman's Mind that Ross Scott's incarnation of Gordon Freeman says "I don't like to beep much, it reminds me of that muppet", which more likely than not, is a reference to Beaker. I'm guessing Ross Scott had the same fear as a child that I did. Beaker destroyed another possible career in the science field.
  10. There's a large difference between how Half-Life and Half-Life 2 are laid out. Half-Life 1, the levels and sections are short and quick to walk through, and the situations are absurd as the games creators didn't give much thought to several of the obstacles. Yeah, these obstacles are challenging to pass through for a video game, but what practical use does several of them have, such as the giant box smashing room, or the giant nut-cracker room. Half-Life 2 has much bigger, and longer levels, it'll take forever for this incarnation of Gordon Freeman to walk from location to location. Valve also gave more thought into the creation of the obstacles in this game too. It's harder to laugh at the silliness. Well, I'm sure someone creative could manage, but with so many jokes being burned in Freeman's Mind, would there be any left for a FM2?
  11. Figuring out what forum to post this under is difficult, but anyways... Anybody see this yet? 6 minute long live action Portal Movie uploaded yesterday, and already has over a million views. So hope that they make more of this, it looks awesome. ... ... ... Though it needs more GLaDOS. That is more reason to make more.
  12. ... *Stares at provided picture* ... ... ... Sorry, I'm not very computer savy. If it doesn't have a baseball bat embedded into the side of it, I won't be seeing any problems. Geeky hardware explanation is complicated too. I got 'blue screen error', but that's about it. Well, I guess it makes no difference. I've got no patients for computers, so I won't try to understand. Computer problems make me spaz out. It's great that you know what the problem is, plus it doesn't seem like it'll take too long to solve. I look forward to Freeman's Mind 39.
  13. This conversation is getting weird. I'm not going to say that the OP should or shouldn't start their own mind series. Given the brief explanation, who can say whether it'll be good or not? I mean, explaining Ross Scott's Freeman's Mind series briefly, that sounds lame itself. It isn't until you actually watch the the series do you realize that it's actually funny. You want to know whether a series is going to work, look at the number of views the video gets once it's released, that'll tell you how many are watching. I will give my input on the entire [Characters] Mind idea. I'm not a person who'll say that something is good or bad unless I've actually watched it, and I have given several of the series out there a good watching, and I have to say, generally, I don't care much for any of them. That's probably the opinion of the majority of the people too. The views and favourites that Freeman's Mind gets are off the chart in comparison to any other Mind series out there. So what makes Freeman's Mind so much better than the rest? I believe it to be a combination of several things, which just happened to blend in all together nicely. First thing is our protagonists personality, which was provided to us by Ross Scott. I believe HLPrincess covers this best in the Freeman's Zodiac Sign thread... Overall, it's a personality that we all can't help but laugh at. He's just that type of asshole. = \ Now that I think about it, if someone came up with a similar personality, it would seem like they were ripping it off from this series, while if it's different, it's probably not as funny. There really is no winning. The second thing which makes the series good is the game itself. It's not necessarily that Half-Life is a good or bad game. It's an awesome game, but that's irrelevant to the success of this series. Otherwise other Mind Series would be a little more successful. What I believe makes Half-Life a great game for a Mind series is the fact that it's such an odd situation. Most FPS's are very direct in their situation. Well trained Protagonist in a simple to understand situation, entering direct confrontation, time after time. Gordon Freeman isn't a well trained soldier, he's a lab monkey. The situation isn't easy to understand, as it's paranormal. While it's arguable that getting shot up by military who are suppose to rescue you during a mass cover up may or may not happen often, it's not every day (or even century) that aliens teleport in front of you from out of nowhere. And confrontations are not so direct, as I just said, they appear out of nowhere. As an added topping, the company that is suppose to be in charge of the settings that the majority of the game takes place in, Black Mesa, appears to be very half-assed about... well... everything. Even if you haven't even watched Freeman's Mind and just played through Half-Life 1 on your own, you've probably noticed it all. If it isn't something that falls apart, than it's something that makes no sense. A self destructing vent, doors locked on work days, catwalks that crumble the moment the wind passes by, a giant box smashing room, ladders that lead nowhere, emergency ladders out of reach in elevator shafts, a river of toxic waste. The list goes on. While it's all nonsensical, they're all situations that provide a great deal of humor. A lot of it you don't see in many other video games. Most video games, the settings are pretty stable. Even Half-Life 2, it was rare for me to stop and stare at something, asking "wtf?" This entire "second thing" all adds up to a long string of funniness, which several video games lack, and other Mind series creators haven't really noticed. I mean, HL Opposing Force and Blue Shift are good because it's the exact same setting as Half-Life. F.E.A.R. 1 is a game I love probably as much as Half-Life, but the real "wtf?" moments are really limited to Alma/Fettel Mindfuck moments. Those moments were even prettier during Extraction Point, I still twitch over what happened with Holiday. Besides those insane times, everything is pretty simple and direct. Wave of lemming troops coming to kill you. The waves become more frequent with F.E.A.R. 2, and Alma appearances die down as well. I'm not saying you shouldn't create a Mind series with this type of video game. If you can keep up a good string of relevant talk and jokes during those repetitive waves of enemies, by all means go for it. If you can't though, it's either going to be filled with silent moments, boring content, or if the jokes aren't relevant to what's happening around you, you may as well be creating a comedy CD. The third thing needed revolves around production. Kudos to Ross Scott for his work on Freeman's Mind. The editing is well done, you barely notice transitions that happen at check points, the quality is always amazing. The voice acting is always so awesomely done as well. No childish voice acting from some little kid, and even the more familiar Mind Series creators don't really seem too immersed in the role. Ross Scott? He should have played the Genie in Aladin. Sing it Ross. Mr. Aladdin Sir, what will your pleasure be? Let me take your order, jot it down, you ain't never had a friend like me. This post got long beyond reason. I'm leaving it at that.
  14. XD It couldn't have been uploaded at a worse time too. Machinima will be dealing with GamesCom in Germany for the next little bit, which equals to millions of games, trailers, and interviews flooding their channel. Meanwhile the thing everybody cares about, Freeman's Mind, will be stuck at the back probably until they're done. On the plus side, and completely unrelated to FM, news on awesome games such as Assassin's Creed and Arkham City are being covered. I'm definitely looking forward to some of the stuff they've made mention of. Ehm... Maybe we'll get lucky and the plane will get hijacked. Terrorists ransom Kovic back to Machinima in exchange for no more COD videos.
  15. It's highly possible that the original poster just wanted to make sure that it wasn't Ray Romano who was voicing the series, so there exists justification to the creepiness. On the plus side, it's not like anybody is trying to figure out his home address based of the colour and texture of his window curtains. We'd be at an entire new level of creepiness at that point. "If I zoom in, I can see a serial number on his glasses. Now I have to trace them back to the optometrist who sold them. Then I just have to ninja on in, access patient records, and get his home address. At that point, all I need is a plane ticket, money for a taxi, a pizza delivery outfit, a bottle of scotch, a plunger, and a whole lot of duct tape." Children, this is why you never post your pictures on the internet. It's better to let people assume that you're Ray Romano.
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