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  1. Blightmare

    Games You've Finished Recently

    I wouldn't say it was recently but it is the last game I technically officially beat. Path of Exile And by that I mean I beat Uber Elder solo which is as of this moment ther most difficult boss fight in the game. Not part of the main story but it's always been my goal since the fight was added.
  2. Blightmare

    Last post made wins

    I'm a social drinker. Someone says "I'll have a drink" I say "So shall I"
  3. Blightmare

    Last Game You Played

    Path of Exile Delve league, 36 challenges completed, town portal effect acquired. I can relax a little now.
  4. Blightmare

    Forums issues and improvements.

    Well you now have an option to fix that but i'm thinking of bringing one of my images back. I miss the life it gave the place.
  5. Blightmare

    Forums issues and improvements.

    I actually like this feature a lot. I was saddened by the removal of images a while back. Sort of made the place feel a little empty or incomplete in a way. I've always liked putting art in my signature and seeing it in other people's as well. There's a nostalgic feeling to it. Not sure if this has been pointed out yet but just to be safe the main forum page doesn't seem to update correctly with new posts.
  6. Blightmare

    Last Game You Played

    Path of Exile. After 1900 hours of gameplay (every single one of which I've enjoyed) I've finally hit a point where I understand the workings of the game enough to have made my own custom build and beaten The Shaper on my own with it. That used to be the hardest fight in the game for the longest time but only recently got outdone by one I still have yet to complete where you're fighting The Shaper and a boss called The Elder at the same time. That fight is extremely chaotic and easy to mess up and unfortunately my health is too low to do the fight. This is officially my favorite game of all time now.
  7. Blightmare

    Welcome to AF 2.0

    Finally able to change my name back to the one I'm most comfortable with (formerly Rarity, a name changed to as a joke and never got it changed back after it got old) I can be me again! :'D The changes are going to take some personal getting used to but everything seems fine so far. (Tho I'm not sure if it's just the fact I'm post from my laptop 1 bad sneeze from death but every so often arrow key navigation in posts stops working and it just kinda randomly starts working again)
  8. Blightmare

    Random thread

  9. Blightmare

    Random thread

    When you spend an entire day freaking out and worrying because you realized that all this time you were actually asexual but didn't know why the idea of sex never appealed to you and now you have to explain that to your girlfriend and she accepts and understands without even batting an eye. She's too good to me. <3
  10. Blightmare

    What are you listening to?

  11. Blightmare

    Post what you're doing right now

    Watching my girlfriend play Alien: Isolation. For someone who can't handle horror she's making insanely good progress. This is her second day playing and she's maybe an hour or so off from the end of the game. I tried to convince her to play Soma next but she won't go near that lol. She said she'll probably just watch me play through it again.
  12. Blightmare

    Last Game You Played

    Beat Saber. Getting really good at this game.
  13. Blightmare

    Last Game You Played

    Prey: Mooncrash DLC. Reviews on it are mixed and I completely understand why but I still very much enjoy it.
  14. Blightmare

    Post what you're doing right now

    Taking a break from programming to eat. Incidentally watching a makeup tutorial on youtube.
  15. Blightmare

    Last Game You Played

    That is a fair comparison. Though you can't just put any song into it... yet. (any day now they're going to release a track editor which you can bring in your own music and develop a level for it. Even share it with others) On that note, I'm currently taking a break from playing it right now. Smacked the hell and a half out of my thumb with one of the controllers on one of the harder songs and think I broke a blood vessel.

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