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  1. I really need to catch up. Stuck way back in season 4 still. hit a dry couple of episodes and sorta lost interest since a lot was going on around that time and never picked it back up :X
  2. We never said it's infallible, we said it's the most reliable. I'm not trusting a person's word on the internet no matter how many times they ask me to when they never never never ever show sources for these wild claims against accepted science. And in the odd case where sources were provided they're either from a biased source or one that actually proved the contrary to the point. It's so much harder to pull off false information when you have to show your work than it is to just say "yeah some scientist I talked to said". So yeah, my mind is open to changing should information come along that would change it but anecdotal evidence ain't it, chief.
  3. Except that's not every scientist ever. Scientists have to go into great detail about what they did to conduct the experiments, talk about whether or not what they observed supports the hypothesis, explain the processes they used to reach those conclusions, AND have it reviewed by other members of the scientific community to make sure everything is in order. Also, you know, needs to be something publicly accessible to be valid and trustworthy because otherwise anyone can make any claim and say their sources are private which AGAIN, you'd have to be a fool to accept it right there. Observing the results of such detailed documentation may take a level of trust as does any information you hear ever, but it is still the most reliable method to understanding something when you do not have the means to perform these experiments yourself. Talking to a scientist with no evidence other than your word is neither trustworthy nor reliable. And she has a point about the mindset you're taking. It's quite frankly useless. It offers nothing that helps in the long run. It's contentedness to do absolutely nothing about a serious issue instead of, you know, at least TRYING to do something.
  4. I don't think people's like for the original C&C games has changed any since EA came about, so kinda defeats it's purpose as an entry in this thread. I actually don't think I've seen a single person hate on the westwood games because EA owns them now. You can make an argument that people who didn't play them when they came out might not like it because they're old but I wouldn't count that honestly I'm also gonna say Borderlands: Pre-Sequel. I got a lot of enjoyment out of it and still cannot figure out where the hate comes from. The most consistent criticism I hear is "jump pads are stupid" which baffles me because the game is loaded with stupid and silly stuff.
  5. It's funny you bring this up as someone I'm friends with has been play FFX again and just got the Sun Sigil, and that was like 5 hours ago. I should beat that game someday. Got all the way to the end and put it down and I couldn't tell you why. Last game was Path of Exile. Blight League just dropped. I have to play Blight League. It's in my name.
  6. Ah. Well there's different crew sizes for different ships. Sloop is maximum of 2 players, brig is max 3 and galleon is max 4. All best operated with max capacity crew but it's entirely possible to 2 man a brig and do just fine
  7. Arena is basically teams of 4 on galleon ships and it's a fight for points. Digging up a chest on an island is 100 points, selling that chest is 1000 points, player kills are 5 points, damaging an enemy ship is 25 points. It is all the base mechanics of treasure hunting from the base game but with a smaller play field. This is my friend who filmed highlights of one of our most fun arena matches. I'm in it but mostly off camera. No need to watch the whole thing, but it is an example. Also there is plenty of pve content to do even if your ship is like the only one on the server. Treasure hunts for the Gold Hoarders, killing npc skeletons for the Order of Souls, cargo runs for the Merchant Alliance, and Tall Tales which is basically the games campaign. Or you can just wander around and fight skeleton ships(npc controlled) or just go fishing. Even if a lot of the player base dies off there's still plenty to do solo or with a crew of friends. Sorry if it feels like I'm trying to sell you this game when I'm sort of just gushing. I enjoy it a lot. Not gonna force anyone to play it.
  8. That's completely understandable. It's very much a game centered around other players and both cooperation and pvp are expected, encouraged and rewarded. They very much went for the idea that you're a pirate and that there's no honor amongst thieves. Aggression is as much a part of the experience as cooperation is. In fact as much as I love the arena mode I feel like the overall decrease in world pvp because of it has greatly detracted from the overall experience and I appreciate that the devs are actively looking for ways to incentivize world pvp encounters again.
  9. It's online only. The draw to it has always been teaming up to share the profits or attacking them to take it all for yourself. it's a pretty big world map with only I think 5-6 ships active on it at one time so it's not BUSTLING but you are very likely to encounter players on long voyages. My style for avoiding pvp on the rare occasion I sail alone is to never make it look like I'm heading to an outpost when other ships are on the horizon. If you can see them, they can see you, and heading to an outpost makes people think you've got something to cash in, this can lead to long wait times when it comes to selling but it's safest when you've got something valuable. I also avoid pvp hotspots like Reaper's Chests and active skull forts(the reward for a skull fort is a hefty load of treasure and tends to attract those who are ready and willing to fight tooth and nail for them from other players.) If you're in a sloop, smallest and most fragile ship, and someone is chasing you down and you don't want to deal with them, sail into the wind. The sloop cannot stand up against much in terms of firepower but it has the tightest turn radius, it's the hardest to hit with cannon fire, and it outruns every other ship against the wind. DO NOT go with the wind or the brig and galleon will catch you. If you just don't want pvp at ALL, then I'm afraid this is probably not a game you'll enjoy. Because despite your best efforts it will happen eventually.
  10. Sea of Thieves Last night highlighted why I don't trust other crews in Sea's, because no one should ever trust us. We set up so many ambushes and tricked so many people and we had the time of our lives. A lot of them involved explosive powder kegs and a particular chest that's immensely valuable and marks it's location on the global map at all times. Or sometimes just guns and a friendly face.
  11. Extraterrestrial 2/10 Dropping this in a spoiler because hot damn I gotta rant on my hands What a bad movie. I'm easy to please and this one pissed me off with how bad it was
  12. Jay literally rage quit and my friend is considering stopping already. Sea of Thieves. Rather productive session tonight.
  13. Risk of Rain 2 Nothing but love for this game so far. Absolutely does the name proud. Despite moving from 2d to 3d it still holds everything that made the first one so good.
  14. I only called you out specifically because despite the collective hostility here, yours reached downright vulgarity we do not welcome in the forums at all. That being said, I'm tired of seeing hostility from anyone here. That includes Annie. Everyone here is getting the verbal warning. Reel it in.
  15. Okay, I'm gonna have to ask you to actually participate in some form or another instead of... whatever you wanna call what you're doing is. And let's have everyone tone down the sheer hostility. Rule number 1 of the forum is "Try not to be a jerk" it would seem the link to the rules page is gone since the forum rework. Guess I gotta raise that with the admin) And just in case you're wondering. Annie is female. And so am I. And I am in agreement that women are responsible for their own bodies, as much so as men are for their own. There's nothing white knight about that it's just how it is, and if you actually read through everything except stopping where you THOUGHT the point was made then there wouldn't be such a silly misunderstanding.
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