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  1. Sorry about late reply, been quite busy. Anyways, by "old HL2" do you mean what can be found in a steam-bought copy? Because I've already tried that, with the same bad results. Or, should the map be compiled in an older engine than the 2009 version?
  2. The default detail.vbsp for the source engine is seriously horrible, leaving grass sprites cut off or gimped up. I'm wondering if there's an easy fix to this, or if there's a link with a custom file with the problems already fixed? Or should I just spend a couple hours fixing it myself, and if so where can I find a good tutorial on customizing the detail.vbsp?
  3. st ef you

    Signature Removal

    I had the logo of my soon-to-be machinima production team.... I miss it already. Signatures with size-restricted images would be the most I would ask for, I don't like pushing my luck.
  4. st ef you

    Steve Jobs died

    I remember watching his speech about how to live before you die. It's actually helped me a lot. Check it out here: UF8uR6Z6KLc R.I.P.
  5. st ef you

    REALLY Big Sky

    Oh my god, I really want to play this really awesome game.
  6. st ef you

    Flash pearls

    n3CIbFQv3aE http://www.totaljerkface.com/happy_wheels.php Best game ever really.
  7. st ef you

    Earth is primitive.

    Communism is an excellent system, but our global society now (If you want to call it that) is still far from ready to support such a system. Case and point: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6cF4p_pMfcs (Embedding disabled) Also, think of the vast amounts of resources available in our solar system yet how little our governments are focusing on funding for space exploration and terraforming other planets.
  8. st ef you


    I met an old friend of mine today and then found out he's older than me but in a lower grade. He's never failed a grade and I've never skipped a grade. Weird.
  9. st ef you

    Your favorite Youtuber

    Wheezywaiter? Anyone?
  10. st ef you

    Last Game You Played

    Forza Motorsport 3. Racing games are the only games that I really enjoy playing on my own. With a few exceptions, though.
  11. st ef you

    Special Skills or Talents

    I'm actually damn good at Richard Burns Rally and mapping with Source. Another thing is that a lot of people that I talk to say I should do some sort of announcing or voice acting because I have a really nice voice. As for most other things, I tend to be able to learn skills very, very quickly.
  12. st ef you


    Are you having trouble blowing out the candles, or do you just have a 100 girlfriends? You player...
  13. st ef you

    Things that you hate to see in games.

    I have to say it's not so much that turrets are overall bad, but it's just that no one uses them in a good way. I personally think they can be an interesting aspect of the game but they're just not given enough attention to actually be good. Turrets in HL2 were really fun to use, mainly because of the seamless transition between controlling or not controlling the turret. As Bjossi said, the main flaw is the lack of choice. And don't forget turrets on vehicles. BF:BC2 did a hell of a good job with those in my opinion.
  14. st ef you

    In all seriousness, this is a dire situation.

    This is honestly completely backwards to what I saw of the series. I can't remember much, since I haven't done anything related to Half-Life in over a year, but I can clearly remember laughing at many of the military's grunts comments in the first game. But, there is always going to be comic relief in any game, so there should be some funny moments in Half-Life 2 as well, although the much more dire atmosphere of the entire situation by then makes the world a little bit more immersible than what was done before. Yet regardless of any views, Freeman's Mind is meant to be a comedy. If it's not to your tastes, there's nothing keeping you from watching the series.
  15. st ef you

    Ban the person above you!

    Banned for assuming that I assumed you're human.

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