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  1. About the original topic, about these different views being taught in schools... I think that both should be taught, so that both are fully understood, and then they can choose to believe what they will.
  2. Wow, I was surprised... I would've thought the 19-25 would've had a much stronger majority for some reason...
  3. Learning "Tears in Heaven" on piano, I'm accompanying a singer
  4. I have to say, Dave whistling with the strider and then promptly seeing Mike getting tossed away took the cake for me.
  5. I actually knew some guys who did that once. And it worked. Anyways, what I remember having read was an article saying that everyone is, to some degree, bisexual. Unfortunately I don't remember the source; I'll go research it and get back to this. I'm not sure whether or not I believe that myself, because I believe that there is, to some extent, some choice involved for sexuality.
  6. I think people do stupid shit all the time regardless. but the world might end. in the year 666 people were killing stealing burning there own farms killing there families and there selfs, just utter chaos. People do do stupid shit now agreed, but just add the world ending and you have stupid people doing even stupider things and normal people doing stupid things. So when that ball falls im going to start sleeping with a gun under my pillow. I certainly hope this 2012 nonsense doesn't become a self-fulfilling prophecy. All of the panicked people would probably do something stupid indeed.
  7. Interesting video. I agree with the video in that it says that what it described is a very, if not the most ethical way to behave. However, I took issue with referring to specific people as "inherently good" or "inherently bad". Also, the video said we have complete choice in our lives, yet very shortly continued to say that we don't have the right to take from other peoples' liberties. Therefore, if we want the most ethical life possible, we must only have "partial freedom", I suppose. At any rate, we could all stand to be nicer to the people around us.
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