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  1. What Alyxx said; microwaved pizza is just as good as fresh in most cases.
  2. Hmm, maybe we are not thinking of the same elevator, I find the parts right after it fairly quiet and slow paced. The one I rode up got attacked by I think three beasts with some yellow weak spots to shoot at. The difficulty for me was low visibility once the bastards started breaking the windows. But boy was the view gorgeous before the shit hit the fan. I play on medium, even though I'm pretty familiar with the game's mechanics from the first game. Sorry, I lumped all the of the Solar Array together when I said "Solar Array Elevator". I meant the part after you align the solar array and get launched across the Sprawl. I don't want to say much more because I don't know if you care about spoilers, so I'll just say it's tough but fun.
  3. The Solar Array Elevator was tougher than all that came before it, but the part immediately after it is even harder. What difficulty are you playing on? I'm still on Zealot in the Ishimura.
  4. Two games that I love but never hear anyone talk about are Demon's Crest and Sunset Riders(both for SNES). I'm sure if they're really obscure, but everyone I ask, they always have no idea what I'm talking about.
  5. Yeah, I need to do that too, Portal 2 looks really good.
  6. That Atkinson or whatever that butterdick's name was, the one that was really against the R18+ rating, isn't he out of office or something?
  7. Shit, a bunch of games. Fallout 3, Fallout: New Vegas, Oblivion, Fable 3, Dead Space 2, Minecraft, Bulletstorm, and a little bit of Dwarf Fortress here and there.
  8. I really can't say what my top 5 favorite games are, as that list is always fluctuating, but I can tell you of three that are almost always on it. The fist is Super Mario World. My dad showed this game way back when I was 4. I don't have any memories of that time, but my dad tells me it was the first game I ever played. It, along with a handful of other SNES games, were the only things I played until we got our Playstation, and I still prefer it to most modern games. Dino Crisis 2 is another game the is significant to me, because it is the first game I've ever been fanatical about. I've replayed and beaten that game so many times I can beat it in under 3 hours now. Gears of War 1 is the last one, not so much because it is an absolutely amazing game(though it is really great), but because I had so many good times and made a lot of good friends playing Execution and Warzone in both system link and online multiplayer.
  9. Yeah, man. It was fun. I'm gonna be back on at like 2 my time(it's about 12 in the morn right now). Gotta do a bit of homework first, then I can play for the rest of the day.
  10. I love Minecraft. Creating massive mines and using those resources to create your next project(like making castles of glass or large creature traps) is just barrels of fun. I did that once in Single-player beta;kind of amusing, but my computer nearly melted through my desk.
  11. I'm not big on One Piece, though I know some people who are. Personally, I prefer reading Fairy Tail and... well, just Fairy Tail I guess.
  12. http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197976730011 I don't play much, but I'm fixing to change that once my new laptop get here.
  13. I played it only a little bit. A fun game, but since I switched to this PC I haven't got around to reinstalling it, mostly because this PC isn't mine. Hopefully that will change once I get my new laptop.
  14. Ah, I see. It's a good campaign, and I think it is better than the Sacrifice(though Sacrifice is a better deal because you get two campaigns when you buy it for L4D2). Don't really know why every loves to hate on it; the M60 is awesome and fun to use(same with the golf club), and the finale is one of my favorites in L4D2(second only to Dark Carnival's finale).
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