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  1. Vlogbrothers, communitychannel, sxephil, SMPfilms.
  2. Man, The Tunnel took long enough, and now you want Ross to do a full-scale battle scene?
  3. Every time I replay HL:S I end up giggling whenever I reach a part that had a particularly funny line in FM. Usually I get funny looks. "They just died, why are you laughing?"
  4. Probably over a dozen. Sometimes I like to just have stuff going in the background while I work on something else, so then I go to FM and pay attention at the funny parts.
  5. In actuality, we kind of get stuck with the crappy cheese. Wisconsin makes awesome cheese, but the awesome stuff is exported and then we just have mediocre cheese. ):
  6. Hi there. I'm pretty sure Hollywood makes cheese too, but in a totally different manner. We make awesomer cheese?
  7. I like the fact that HL2 has a more in-depth story and more characters, but the original is just awesome. It was amazing when it first came out; I remember being five or six and playing it while sitting on my dad's lap. I'd have to go with the second, though, even if I hate to choose one over the other. Simply because I'd rather play the second currently.
  8. 1. Half Life 2 and the episodes 2. Mirror's Edge 3. HL1 4. Portal 5. Halo
  9. Hi. I'm from Wisconsin. We make cheese here. Big fan of FM and CP, obviously. I'm pretty sure a friend just sent me the first CP episode and that's how I became a fan. So, yeah.
  10. It's ridiculous the amount of awesome quotes from this series. “Oh my god this is crazy in a box with a side order of fries.” “Why is this guy dead? He wasn’t dead a minute ago, he was screaming about silo doors like a possessed farmer.” “Stay on your side. Your side is the one where everyone’s dead and there are no exits. My side is the one filled with hope, love and submachine guns. And cargo hooks.” “Feeling up dead people is how you get germs.” “DAMMIT. IT’S THE SAME THING EVERY TIME. YOU GIVE PEOPLE THE BENEFIT OF THE DOUBT, AND THEY TRY TO KILL YOU.”
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