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  1. PC is definitely tops for shooters. For everything else, unless I had a great PC, i would say consoles are better. Just because you KNOW the games are going to work, and keyboard/mouse isn't great for every genre, while controllers are pretty versatile. I also prefer the online, because I don't like xfire all that much and steam forces you to buy a steam game before you get all of the features. My console of choice is the Ps3.
  2. These forums seem to work better everytime Ross says there is a problem. Let's keep these "problems" coming, I say.
  3. I thought people did like these. Well Battlefield, at least. I've heard no one plays Eternal Silence
  4. The series makes up a fair chunk of my favorites list, so I skip it. I'm going to say Half-Life 2.
  5. Driv3r... Everyone says the walking sucks, and it does. But it sucks in GTA, too.
  6. This is what the next Star Wars battlefront should be based on
  7. As far as I've ever heard/read, it was solely the work of Darwin, not the scientific method that devised the theory of evolution... Biology is chemistry and physics in living organisms. What proof do you have that they never said anything to refute evolution? How does it support it? Again, how? Still not saying anything about how they didn't find/report any contradicting evidence. Just because that's what you remember him for, doesn't mean he wasn't a scientist too. What does his particular field have to do with anything? I see nothing in genetics that supports evolution, and much that supports creation. Again, how does a particular field remove them from being able to refute evolution? *see last response* Messing with plants doesn't deal with diversity of life?!? What universe do you live in? *see response above the Carver response* Well... Can't see as you've defended anything in that post... So do you have any scientific evidence that supports creationism? Wait, let me guess. The answer is no. Creationism obviously shouldn't be taught as science. Only a religious nut would disagree.
  8. I like all of those options! Except for most country music. Rock is always my #1, though.
  9. Not that I know everything they've done, but from the top of my head I can tell you Pascal, Boyle, Faraday, Dalton, Maxwell, and Joule certainly aren't known for anything regarding this topic. This isn't about religious scientists.
  10. Top 5 is too hard. I love HL2 & episodes Shadow of the Colossus Legend of Zelda series Donkey Kong Country 2 LittleBigPlanet Killzone 2 (best online MP i have ever played on a console) these are just off the top of my head. Videogames are awesome
  11. I should techinically like FO3 more, because it's more my style than Oblivion, but Oblivion was great and Fallout just didn't do anything for me. I actually think it kinda sucks...
  12. This is the only picture I have.
  13. The thing about evolution is that it seems no matter how far back you go you can always ask "But where did that come from?" So if you say we are here because random particles happened to bunch together to create a being that eventually evolved into humans.... how did the particles come to be? I believe in the theory of evolution but it's impossible to trace everything back to it's very beginning. So yeah I think evolution should definitely be taught in schools. it could be useful to study religious texts as well, but all these things should be taught as theories. Whether or not you want to believe in evolution or creationism, it's good to know both sides. And you don't have to take religion literally anyway. There are good things to be learned from them even if they turn out to be totally false. Religion is more about Philosophy than Theology for me
  14. If you're a woman and you're gonna have sex with people, you know you might get pregnant. I think they have a responsibility to keep the baby. Give it up for adoption. Don't have an abortion because you "don't want it." The truth is it's YOUR fault you got pregnant and you don't have to keep the baby after it's born. This discussion is rather pointless in the end because no side is going to sway. The answer just seems plain obvious to me.Whatever. Majority wins, I guess, whether you like it or not.
  15. Then why are you for teaching evolution in schools? It isn't proven, which leaves it in the realm of a belief system. (religion) It has a lot more scientific merit than creationism. If we teach nothing, we won't get anywhere. Maybe someone will prove evolution one day. We should teach evolution in the later years of school, but we should also teach kids a bit about the various religions of the world. Religions have importance whether or not they are true. I don't have to believe in any sort of God to be influenced by the words of Jesus or Buddha or whatever.
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