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  1. 1942 is by far the hardest game I've played.
  2. Even Freeman's Mind itself takes a few episodes to really get into the spirit of the comedy. If it weren't for pieces of sheer comedic gold like the "As I expected" bit in the second episode I might not have bothered beyond the first few, since the first few are fairly boring compared to the rest of the series. Granted this is because the game itself takes awhile to really get going, but still... I feel exactly the opposite, to me, the first chapters are the best. Things like the 'Techno hell', the scientist writing the formula for gravitation or the G-Man talking about dinosaurs are priceless
  3. I REALLY wish to see his reaction when the G-Man says "I took the libery of relieving of your weapons". I think that Freeman's head would just explode when he notice that he has no more guns.
  4. Mike, he is more funny and intelligent to me, and he sings the best lyrics for a song.
  5. I really loved this video, and see it about four times complete. It is the second best video of Civil Protection in my opinion (I like more Aliens, since the humour there is priceless), and by far much better than any Freeman's Mind. I think that Dave at the end is really speaking Bulgarian (Maybe mixed with some gibberish, but I think some Bulgarian must be there), and that they don't die. I see the hints on those two things at the start, the one being said directly (Dave knows Bulgarian) and the other with the car running over Dave... They start to compliment the body armor, and states that is REALLY good. Later, in the end, Mike keeps complaining during the credits about the monsters, but he didn't scream, or says that he is in pain. The most annoying things these creatures are doing to him is that "He can't even see". So, I think that he can survive this, thanks to his body armor, although I don't know how they can escape. Another thing that says that they survived is the post from Ross Scott saying that this chapter really deserves a sequel. Since Civil Protection are these two characters only, if they didn't survive, a sequel couldn't be possible. I really hopes that he can make a sequel for this, since the story seems really good to me.
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